What is leadership capability?

Leadership capability refers to how a leader uses his skills and abilities to get things done. Even a very skillful leader may fail to lead when a situation is beyond his or her capabilities.

Let me give you an example for illustration purposes.

A city mayor thought that he could introduce change in the country if he becomes President. He has been city mayor for three decades and was frustrated because he has limited power and resources.

He believed that he could solve the whole country’s traffic problems though he failed to solve his city’s traffic problem. He thought that he could get rid of corrupt politicians, though among his friends are the most corrupt families. He believed that he could solve the drug problem, though his city’s drug problem is one of the worst.

He believed all of these not because he is capable but because he thought that the Presidency’s almost unlimited power could make things happen.

Though indeed, the Presidency’s power is probably a thousand times greater than that of a city mayor, not everyone can wield power.

He has no experience holding a national office. And instead of surrounding himself with people who can get the job done, he hired people who were loyal to him when he was the city mayor. They did not have any idea how to govern a country.

While he can make big promises and have convinced the people through political propaganda, he failed miserably. The economy suffered, people lost jobs and livelihood.

And during the Covid-19 pandemic, his country was committed to the most prolonged lockdown in the world. The ambitious city mayor who became President did not know how to lead in times of crisis.

Many times I have encouraged leaders to think big and play bigger. Leaders who are not capable cannot think big and play bigger.

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