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The pandemic killed thousands of people. And without blaming anyone in particular, we cannot ignore that mendicant foreign policy, dirty politics and incompetent leadership enabled the virus to spread.

The so-called “new normal” is not new. It is not normal. It only demonstrates smallish thinking.

We can stop the virus from spreading. We can secure the health and safety of our citizens. These we know to be true.

We cannot do the same-same formula anymore.

There is nothing to bounce back. We cannot go back to the old normal. We’ve got to create the new. We can bounce forward and thrive.

If you want your small organization to survive, bounce forward, and thrive you need to create and innovate. You may need to redesign your organization and build leaders who can bring you to the new future.

I am not a super-duper futurist. I have not seen the future. But I can use my talents and skills to help you create a desirable one for your organization.

Innovation Transformation

organizational creativity

Filipino organizations need to develop creative leaders and build an army of intrapreneurs. That’s the way to sustain and scale businesses.

This can be a multi-year partnership. I help them use Design Thinking tools, run Design Sprints, and develop an innovation playbook and toolkit.

Even small businesses may get this service. And I won’t be asking you to rob a bank to be successful. You only need to convince yourself that your organization deserves your time.

Leadership Transformation

team collaboration
Innovation & Leadership 3

Another strategy engagement that we can work together is Leadership Transformation. Build and grow leaders in your organization.

This is a program not just for your top executives, managers, and supervisors. Involve leaders at every level.

Most organizations do not provide leadership learning opportunities to those who face customers every day.

This is a mistake.

Your top executives are the visionaries and managers of your organizations. They are important I know.

You are missing multipliers if you don’t pay attention to those leaders who tell your stories to customers and achieve your daily goals.

Every organization has a leadership development program. A few invest in it. Others don’t. Both will get the return of their investment.

This is a multi-year engagement too.

My goal is not instruction or training but growth and transformation.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t do classroom training.

Training can be designed to produce 10x learning. Learning can be delivered in many ways; training is just one way.

Organizations with more than 1000 employees will find this very valuable. This includes coaching managers and supervisors in effective ways to engage employees.

Your organization will develop your own Learning Experience Design playbook, equip your trainers, and create customized learning experiences that you can run again and again.

Leadership Challenge Mastery

Leadership Challenge Mastery is based on the work of Kouzes and Posner.

When I was looking for an evidence-based leadership book, I found this to be the most useful. This is unlike John Maxwell’s leadership books which are filled with stories and reflections. You will get actionable strategies and behavior-changing practices.

When I run Leadership Challenge Mastery for organizations, I use the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as a framework.

Every organization is unique. Your people have assets that we cannot find anywhere. You have challenges unique to your organization.

I found many Leadership Challenge Workshops pay more time on describing the findings of the book. If this is the intention, I recommend that you give a book to each of your leaders.

But if you want to address the challenges of your organization and grow your leaders, bring Leadership Challenge Mastery to them.

They will craft their leadership journeys. They will solve their leadership challenges with the help of action learning teams. They will accelerate the growth of your organization.

I run this leadership course for two days.

Leadership Influence Masterclass

Leadership Influence Masterclass provides opportunities for leaders to understand the spheres of influence (SOI) and come up with specific steps to influence behavior and results.

I use the Influencer Model as a framework for this program because it is simple and effective. I enriched the model based on what I know about performance psychology, gamification, innovation, and learning experiences.

As a result, leaders will get more hands-on activities than class discussions. They will explore solutions to their influence challenges. They can use their learning to make intentional communication, sell more, engage employees, and delight customers.

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