change the game

Change the Game

There was a time that only geniuses have the craziness to push for innovation. A time when people love same-same, safe, small and slow.

Innovators accelerated, multiplied, amplified, simplified, and magnified solutions.

Today, ordinary people can make innovation happen.

I challenge you to liberate your leaders so they become creators and innovators. Create opportunities for every employee to become intrapreneurs. (I am in search of stories of intrapreneurship in Filipino organizations. Please tell me if you know people who can help)

Inspire and equip your people to think bigger. Let them think outside the box. Free them from same-same mentality so they can play bigger.

Innovation is the spark that keeps organizations moving forward. To be the best in the market, it is not necessary to disrupt.

More important than disruption is innovation.

Innovation makes you play bigger. Innovation keeps you ahead. Innovation gives you the license to create new rules.

Create products, services, and experiences that our customers won’t be able to resist. Provide the greatest value to customers.

Innovate to find a new way of doing something. Create the greatest value for the least effort. We only need to explore various ways through innovation.

Innovate to increase revenues and serve more people. Innovate to be more visible and be ahead of what’s possible.

Creative leaders make change happen. They challenge the status quo, keep learning and exploring, and multiply value.

Support creative employees too. Let intrapreneurs thrive in your organization.

Apple has Steve Jobs. Tesla has Elon Musk. And Amazon has Jeff Bezos. How about you?

Build A Team of Innovators

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