What Leaders Do to Build Commitment

You cannot expect people to commit if they do not know where to go — and why.

Many managers believe one of the greatest obstacles in performance is lack of commitment. They invite me to their organisations to talk about commitment to their people. They believe I have the cure that will make state of their people’s commitment healthy again.

Either these managers do not know what commitment is all about — or they too lack the commitment they want to see in their people.

One thing I know: I will not commit to something I do not know. I will not follow a person I do not trust.

What can you do?

Ask your people. Find out if they fully understand your vision, your mission, and your goals. Know if they want to go there. If most of them do not know what you and your organization really intend to do, then try this quick workshop:

  • Brainstorm 10 ways you can make your strategic intentions clear. Then pick one way and ask yourself how you can implement it. Then just do it.
  • Make your visions clear so your people know where to go. People commit to a compelling vision, not to a person in a position.


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