Be Good Leaders in Times of Crisis

I know of politicians who promised us the moon and the stars during the 2016 election. They promised to end corruption, poverty, and traffic problems in Metro Manila. They said they would build hospitals in every municipality and city. That’s change will come.

We waited. But we have only seen the worst.

Then, the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic happened. Leaders everywhere were afraid. They have not seen anything like this. 

Yes, some called the experts alarmists. But, if only our leaders listened in January 2020, many would not have died, and the economy would not have been as bad.

I am sharing this not to blame people. Blaming has no place in finding solutions. I mentioned this to highlight a point: we need good leaders who can deliver.

It is easy to make promises when everything is good. It is easy to take the helm when the sea is calm. 

Develop leaders who can lead in times of crisis.
True leaders appear in times of crisis. The impostors hide.

We need to develop leaders who can lead us in good times and in bad times. And this is very true for every organization. 

I have interviewed many business leaders. I am inspired and confident that we have good leaders. We only need to learn from them. Multiply them. Discover them in every organization, big and small.

During these times, leaders face many challenges.

acting on purpose
Act on purpose.

Move people from being in fear to acting on a purpose.

When people are in fear, they don’t see things clearly. More than anything, they want to play safe. During the pandemic, we are not talking of self-actualization. 

Everyone thinks of safety. Many Filipinos are afraid they’ll be hungry soon. 

The challenge to the leader is to address the lowest level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We need leaders who can help people act on purpose.

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Be Confident and Positive

You can be confident when you know that you are in control. You can be positive when you can predict what is going to happen. But, unfortunately, most people feel that they are not in control. They don’t know whom to trust and listen to. They don’t know what will happen next.

The national government failed us. They do not show confidence in their action. You do not have to make the same mistakes for your organization.

develop leaders who have compassion for others.
Working from home is not always easy.

Show compassion and empathy.

Business is not good. The economy is sinking. Your bosses want you to do something to save the company. You can be ruthless, and we hope people will understand.

As much as you have to ensure increased productivity and performance, leaders know that people are suffering. Not only that they are afraid, they felt helpless. It is thus a challenge for leaders how to show compassion. 

Paano nga ba mararamdaman ang malasakit?

I have heard of few stories of leaders who went out of their way to make employees feel important. But this is challenging because leaders are also people. They are also afraid of their health and safety. And many of them also need help.

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Be courageous and agile.

Covid-19 forced leaders to make quick decisions, even in the absence of data. It is easy to move when you can see everything. But this is the time when you have to lead in darkness.

Because of this, I believe that outstanding leadership is measured by what leaders do in the dark.

We have seen many crises before. Yes, not as worst as the global pandemic. But there are lessons we learned from those crises that can help us today.

I am going to remind you of these lessons.

We need to begin with the right strategies when we develop our leaders. We must adapt and innovate and find better ways to learn. We must collaborate. And most importantly, we start now.

I will explore these “solutions” while you are here.

Develop leaders the right way. When you have questions or you need help, use the form to reach out and I will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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