Presentation Skills Course for Leaders

Presentation Skills Course for Leaders is a two-day in-house learning experience. I tailor the program content based on your business objectives.

In Presentation Skills Course for Leaders, master the techniques and skills that have helped many managers communicate their leadership effectively. If you aspire the top job, you not only have to know your business— you have to understand how to communicate with everyone else inside and outside the company.

Being the top person in any organization is a great accomplishment, but it’s tough. Today, people expect more than ever of you as a leader.

Upgrade Your Presentation Skills

Whether you are CEO, president, managing partner, executive director, owner, publisher, editor, king, commander in chief, manager, or the high potential team leader, people expect more. You work hard and make the most of luck to reach the top.

Then you work harder to keep the job.

The higher you go, and the more visible you are, the more communication counts. You’re competing in a global world with instant communication. There is no forgiveness for the leader who can’t keep up.

Once you arrive at the top jobs, you’re expected to know what to do. But for most corporate leaders, their early roles have not prepared them for the speaking roles.

As you move up the ladder, you don’t necessarily get opportunities to do what you need when you’re the boss. You’ve been promoted because of your business skill for the previous job; now you have to develop a whole new set of competencies.

For High-Potential Leaders Too

The need for leadership training does not stop at the top floor.

Sometimes, the most critical links are the high-potential leaders within your organization. Often, they are people in critical roles who influence processes, customer experience, and how things really get done.

They are the influence points or change agents in your organization that form your organizational culture’s building blocks.

Identifying who they are and initiating their executive development is a winning strategy for actualizing your organization’s mission.

Strategic Advantages

Presentation Skills Course for Leaders provides you many advantages. When you align this course to your corporate objectives, you’ll see how important and urgent this training program is.

Use cohort-based learning in leadership development.

Enabling a group of managers (and supervisors) has significant advantages. 

Bringing high-potential leaders together in a cohort-based learning environment can help raise the organization’s collective wisdom—giving each other a greater understanding of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and provides better cross-functional collaboration problem-solving.

Cohort-based learning also builds a common culture and a sense of community among rising leaders.

Use for succession planning and for corporate branding.

Defining a compelling executive development experience in communications for executives and high-potential leaders can be a point of differentiation for attracting and retaining talent.

You will prepare your bench strength and secure a pipeline for succession. 

Leverage training and development time to solve a real business problem.

Building real work scenarios into your executive development curriculum is a way to leverage learning and development time to solve real business problems.

By bringing your high-potential talent together in a cohort, you break down silos and raise the collective awareness of mission-critical initiatives.

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