Are you looking for a leadership training program that will provide you with practical ways to increase your influence as a leader? Learn how to improve the ability of employees and keep them motivated.

Leadership Influence Masterclass provides business owners, managers, and HR professionals strategies and tools to get employees fully engaged. Leaders will learn scientifically proven principles in engagement and leadership influence which they can design during this leadership training course.

Engaging leaders unleash the potential of individuals and organizations. You know that everyday leaders are fully engaged when they can influence everyone to behave in certain ways to achieve measurable business goals.

The learning experiences are designed so that you get will be able to produce or enhance your employee engagement program. We shall use Design Thinking tools, gamification, Appreciate Inquiry Principles, and behavioral psychology.

To make the most of the Employee Engagement Mastery, participants will be provided opportunities to learn concepts and try some of the tools in pre-workshop activities.

This workshop will help leaders avoid the motivation trap. Many of them believe that the problem in productivity is caused by a lack of motivation. That’s not true. There are many over-motivated underachievers in the workplace.

Many Filipino organizations, when they find that the motivation of their employees is lacking, hire motivational speakers to solve the problem.

Leaders will discover how to engineer growth by electrifying engagement, not just mere motivation. And if they are to motivate people, it will be intentional.

People will be engaged to practice behaviors that make them, the teams, and the organization successful.

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