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Good Leadership Masterclass

Are you looking for a leadership training program for supervisors and managers? The Good Leadership Masterclass is a three-day workshop that equips, encourages, and inspires leaders to drive extraordinary results.

Good Leadership Masterclass is a specialized leadership training program tailor-fit to leaders who desire extraordinary results. Discover attitudes, mindsets, and vital behaviors that make it easy for you to lead so others will follow.

We need leaders who think and act “out of the box”. We need leaders who can confront and challenge old patterns.

Future leaders need not be charismatic individuals who build followers through magnetism. We need leaders who can initiate and lead change. 

Future leaders must zig while others are zagging.

Think Different

Traditional classroom training may still help you develop leaders. But it won’t be enough. We need to reinvent classroom training. 

Current leaders complain they are “too busy to learn new things.”

That’s another way of saying that training is NOT relevant to their goals.

Leaders are often “workhorses” of the organization. If they’ll spend most of their time on irrelevant training, no work would get done.

Think different.

When traditional training providers are zagging, we zig. We provide focused, intensive, relevant, and engaging learning experiences.

Companies need better strategies for leadership development. High impact learning for the least effort and time is a viable option.

Learning is the key to leadership development. Offer leaders high impact learning that gets things done and 10x results.[mfn] Leadership development is a deliberate effort. We must pick for ourselves the right leadership competencies and mindsets to become good leaders.[/mfn]

Good leadership inspires people. It makes them smile.
Good leadership inspires.


The Good Leadership Masterclass offers high-impact learning experiences. Speed up leadership development. Multiply the impact of leadership.

Participants to Good Leadership will learn how to:

  1. contribute to organizational learning by confronting old patterns and spearheading new ones;
  2. identify the critical problems and ask the right questions;
  3. act with courage in conditions of ambiguity, complexity, and risks.
  4. self-develop through business and social experience;
  5. act in concert with others, and when to act alone;
  6. leverage their innovative capabilities;
  7. model personal and organizational values to others;
  8. work with others in creating new futures for the organization;
  9. apply new tools for business innovation;
  10. develop others using various spheres of influencing; and
  11. motivate and inspire others.

Program Design 

Design a unique and systematic leadership development program. You can do this without having to reinvent everything. You can use universal leadership principles to teach leadership. 

You can use evidence-based leadership practices to speed up learning.

  1. I use the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership of Kouzes and Posner. It is based on research. The findings reflect universal leadership wisdom that remains relevant. 

I designed Good Leadership with future leaders in mind. I can help you align this program to your culture, competency, and climate. You can use the first-hand real-world experiences of the learners.

If your organization is serious about leadership, this is the program for you. 

Turn employees into leaders and leaders into business innovators. 

Discover how the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership speeds up growth. 

Use leaders’ day-to-day experiences to create new practices. Make learning valuable, useful, accessible, and desirable.

good leadership example
Enable others to act.

Good Leadership Masterclass

Good Leadership Masterclass is a specialized training program tailor-fit to leaders who desire extraordinary results. 

Discover attitudes, mindsets, and vital behaviors that make it easy for you to lead so others will follow.

1. Model the Way 

Many managers don’t walk the talk. This frustrates people. This makes people mad.

They preach excellence while practicing mediocrity. They make people adjust to them because they have the title. They want big wins and blame people for losing. They overwhelm people with big, unachievable goals. They create a bureaucracy that stifles action. They kill people’s confidence.

Help leaders examine their values and actions. 

They’ll establish principles on how to make human-to-human relationships. 

They’ll set high standards and be an example for others to follow.

Expect your leaders to be authentic. They model your corporate values, provide employees opportunities to succeed, and celebrate small victories.

2. Inspire A Shared Vision 

One popular online meme is the comparison between a leader and a manager. The meme shows that Managers are selfish; leaders are inspiring. Of course, this meme is wrong. A good manager is a good leader. 

But many managers do not know how to inspire people.

In this workshop, we help leaders believe that they can make a difference. They will learn strategies and techniques to help people see new possibilities.

To inspire people is to breathe life. Leaders MUST inspire people. We only need to teach them how. One way is to inspire a shared vision.

A vision is a picture of a much better future that people care about. It is not the leader’s vision. It is a vision shared by everyone in the organization.

When everyone works toward the realization of their dreams, there is no need to motivate them. You only need to push people when they are blind. 

To make this happen, leaders must learn how to paint the picture of tomorrow. Leaders need to learn how to tell stories that resonate. Leaders must find ways to help people see.

Shared visions excite people.

3. Challenge the Status Quo

In many organizations, leaders stifle growth. They resist change. They insist on the same old same old patterns.

You don’t want leaders to delay or derail growth.

In this workshop, leaders will start to value creativity and innovation. 

They will search for opportunities; they’ll create new opportunities. They will challenge the way things are done to multiply the value you provide to your customers.

Leaders will gain the courage to take risks. They’ll embrace failures. They’ll make failures as stepping stones.

Leaders who challenge the status quo are business innovators. They can speed up your growth. They can scale your impact.

4. Enable Others to Act 

Have you heard of supervisors and managers who refuse to train their people? 

Supervisors and managers who don’t train, coach, and mentor employees are saboteurs. They don’t want your company to grow.

Do you know of any organizations that do not invest in succession planning? 

Many high-potential professionals left organizations because they are not certain about promotion.

In this workshop, leaders learn how to foster collaboration and build spirited teams. Leaders will electrify employee engagement. 

They will practice empathy and seek to understand people’s needs. 

They’ll promote mutual respect to sustain extraordinary efforts.

They’ll strive to create a learning and trusting environment. 

They’ll also learn techniques to coach and mentor. They will strengthen others, making each person feel capable and powerful.

5. Encourage the Heart 

When we asked people to share with us the traits of the worst of the worst bosses, they tell us of leaders who kill souls. These bosses make you feel bad about yourself. 

These bosses are black holes.

Some people believe that there is nothing personal about work. We can accept that as true if leaders are dealing with robots. But once we work with people, leaders must accept that work is personal.

Passionate people have courageous hearts. We must encourage the heart.

In this workshop, we provide leaders with the best practices in encouraging the heart.

Accomplishing extraordinary things in organizations is hard work. To keep hope and determination alive, leaders recognize the contributions that employees make. 

In every winning team, the members need to share in the rewards of their efforts. Leaders must celebrate accomplishments.

They make heroes feel like heroes.

We provide dozens of ways to celebrate heroes. And during the workshops, leaders can create more ways, many of which do not need money, to motivate others.

6. Action Learning 

Action Learning is a process of solving real-world problems. It aims to produce fresh ideas and reinterpret familiar concepts. 

It involves a small group of people who use skilled questioning. Action learning works with groups that encourage leaders to discuss, share, pool their ambitions and experiences, and innovate.

Action learning captures and builds on what is rather than trying to become the ideal. It recognizes that future leaders must develop self-direction and self-reliance. 

When leaders practice action learning, they become more aware of their leadership. They can use their experiences for personal growth. 

They can use their learning to help others.

We show leaders how to use Action Learning after the masterclass. This ensures that leaders will be able to sustain their growth.

Leaders will learn the flow, components, rules, facilitation, and uses. 

We are extending leadership learning from the training room to the real world. Leaders can learn through workplace experiences that the organization designs for people. 

Who Will Benefit

The whole organization will benefit.

Good Leadership Masterclass can be customized for leaders at all levels in the organization. It is best to offer this program to the management team first.

Number of Participants

The program is best for 15 to 25 participants. We can conduct workshops for big groups using break-out sessions.


The Good Leadership Masterclass is a specialized leadership training program for managers. It is a three-day program with pre-workshop and post-workshop activities to ensure maximum learning.

Mode of Delivery

Good Leadership Masterclass is platform agnostic. During the pandemic, not all organizations can send people to in-person training.

Virtual Workshops

I can design the Good Leadership Masterclass into virtual workshops with pre and post-workshop activities.  

Participants will have opportunities for immediate practice. Participants can finish the program in two to three weeks.

Online Course

An online course provides leadership opportunities to learn anytime wherever they are. To make learning more effective, we can add two virtual workshops so participants will have opportunities to clarify concepts and get answers to their questions about leadership.

In-person Training

You can have in-person training. In my experience, it is best if participants will have pre-workshop activities like surveys and watching short videos as well as post-workshop activities to support learning.


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