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Leadership is painting a vision of a future we all care about, then influencing others to achieve it for their own good.

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Is leadership a skill?

Students often ask this question: is leadership a skill? The answer is important. Because if the answer is affirmative, then everyone can become a good leader. Skills are learned abilities to get a job done. If leadership is a skill, then leadership can be learned.

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Creative leaders.

Today, we need creative leaders. In the olden days, people worry about how to divide the economic pie among themselves. People discovered that they don’t have to wage war against each other over a single pie. Thanks to innovation. We can bake more pies. We can multiply our pies a thousandfold, a million-fold — and …

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Develop Competencies

Good leaders need to develop competencies to get the job done. A common problem of many organizations is that they don’t have “competent” people. To solve this, organizations invested gazillions of pesos in employee training and development. Unfortunately, many of these training programs are hit-and-miss. This is why I partner with organizations to develop competency strategies, …

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