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When Leaders Don’t Walk the Talk

The impact of leaders who don’t walk the talk is evident to those he leads. Unfortunately, some leaders do not see it themselves.

Let me give you an example.

Dina, Mike, and Paolo huddled around their usual lunch spot in a small carinderia just around the corner from their office tower in Makati.

“Did you hear about Sir Ben’s latest announcement?” Dina said, taking a sip from her soda. “He said overtime work will be minimized, but then he sent out a project due for next week. I was planning to visit my family in the province this weekend!”

Mike shook his head, “He always says one thing and does another. Remember when he said he values work-life balance? And yet, here we are.”

Paolo chimed in, “It’s hard to trust what he says anymore. How can we believe in the company’s values when our own boss doesn’t live by them?”

The three sighed in agreement. They loved their jobs, but the disconnect between words and actions from leadership was disheartening. Dina said, “Imagine if he truly acted on his words. We’d be more motivated, and the office would have a better vibe.”

Mike nodded, “True. Actions speak louder than words, after all.”

Paolo finished his meal and concluded, “We need leaders who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. It makes all the difference.”

Ten Harmful Effects When You Don’t Do What You Say

I bet Ben is a good person. Most managers are good people. But his subordinates don’t trust his words. He created an environment where it is impossible for them to follow what he preached.

As a manager, there were times that I was like Ben too. Circumstances change. We receive new assignments from bosses and this requires subordinates to work longer. 

But without clear communication, employees will think that our actions contradict our words. And that was where the problem began. It will affect both the organization and its members.

I know you understand what I am saying. But I will not assume that you have considered all the negative effects of not “walking the talk”. 

Here are ten negative side-effects when our actions violate our words.

Trust is the foundation of leadership. When leaders say one thing and do another, trust erodes. Once trust is damaged, it is challenging to rebuild. And leaders may find it hard to gain support for future initiatives.

When leaders don’t do what they say, employees lose motivation and feel disconnected. This can lead to a decline in productivity and enthusiasm.

A leader’s credibility is paramount. If they don’t have it, their influence becomes smaller. They may have trouble inspiring, guiding, or managing their teams.

A company’s culture is shaped significantly by leadership behavior. Inconsistent leaders can confuse the organization’s true values. This can lead to a toxic work environment where values, ethics, and priorities are unclear.

Employees who lack trust in their leaders often look for new jobs. This can result in the loss of valuable talent and institutional knowledge.

If employees see a leader saying one thing but doing another, they may ignore what they say. They will ignore information coming from him.

Leaders serve as role models. Inconsistent leaders can make employees think it’s okay to be inconsistent too. This can cause inconsistencies throughout the organization.

If employees think leaders won’t support or value their ideas, they might not take risks. This is because they remember past times when leaders were inconsistent.

Leaders who break their promises are more likely to cheat, disregard ethics, and prioritize themselves over the organization.

When leaders are not consistent and aligned, strategic plans can become confused. And the organization may start to lose direction.

In essence, when leaders don’t walk the talk, they undermine the very essence of leadership. Leaders need to know how their actions impact others and be consistent in what they say and do. Authentic leaders make both themselves and the organization stronger and more successful.

Leaders Model the Way

Authentic leadership means you model the way. You do what you say you will do. More than that, you do what you want employees to do.

Leaders shape the culture of the organization.

You want to be prompt and early, then be prompt and early. If your company values excellence, then show and expect it from employees.

It is simpler than what most people imagined. 

Let me to you a story to illustrate this point.

Jasmine, Carlo, and Liza sat together in the vibrant cafeteria overlooking the city skyline. They always looked forward to these breaks — a chance to share the latest gossip, stories, and work experiences.

“Have you guys noticed something different with Sir Marco lately?” Jasmine started, a curious look in her eyes.

Carlo laughed lightly, “You mean aside from him actually greeting everyone in the morning with a big smile? I almost spilled my coffee the first time I saw that!”

Liza nodded, “And remember last week? He personally approached our team to ask about the challenges we face. He even took notes! Before, he’d just send an email or not bother at all.”

Jasmine added, “Yes! And when I talked to him about needing a day off for my son’s graduation, he didn’t just approve it; he shared his own story of missing his daughter’s school event. He said he understands how important these moments are.”

Carlo leaned in, “The biggest change? He doesn’t just assign tasks now. He explains the bigger picture, how our work affects the project, the company. It feels… good to be recognized.”

Liza beamed, “It’s so motivating! I’ve never been more enthusiastic about my work. Knowing that Sir Marco values it and understands our role? It’s made a huge difference.”

Jasmine agreed, “It feels like we’re not just working for a boss, but with a leader. Our team’s performance? It’s never been better!

The three of them raised their drinks in an informal toast, “To new beginnings and authentic leadership!”

Employees see the difference.

When leaders don’t “walk the talk,” employees feel disconnected and disheartened. Their trust wavers, and motivation dips, like in the Makati office where promises were broken and morale was low.

On the flip side, when a leader embodies authenticity, as seen with Sir Marco in Cebu, there’s a ripple effect. Employees feel seen, valued, and understood. Their drive increases, trust strengthens, and the workplace transforms. Simply put, authentic leadership turns a mere workspace into a thriving, connected community.

Actions speak louder than words. Employees listen to you and they watch your actions.

Let’s assume that all leaders want the good for the organization. We must, therefore, help them model the way.

The Power of Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is a game changer. When leaders truly “walk the talk,” trust blooms. Leaders become figures of reliability, and employees know they’re in good hands. This isn’t just about faith; it reflects in the energy of the workspace. Motivation soars high, with every team member eager to give their best shot.

This trust paves the way for open communication. Leaders tune into the real needs and challenges of their teams, and employees finally feel heard. Such genuine exchanges deepen loyalty. Employees rally behind leaders they believe in, sticking through thick and thin. With this unity, company performance peaks. Leaders see the results they’ve always dreamt of, and employees relish the satisfaction of goals met and successes achieved.

Authentic leadership isn’t just a strategy; it’s the backbone of a thriving, vibrant workplace. Every leader should embrace it, and every employee deserves to experience it.

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