My Dreams

I desire to help Filipinos build a prosperous, peaceful, and positive nation.

This is why he help organizations build leaders. This is why he provides employees tools to help them achieve their goals in life.

I use my unique ability to equip people and bring good people together. I aspire to

  • bring experts together in a leadership consulting company to offer fast, inexpensive, relevant, and engaging solutions,
  • build a community of young entrepreneurs who are financially intelligent and who can provide financial education to others, and
  • be a farmer.

Personal Dreams

  • Find God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.
  • A family that values relationship, that prospered in whatever they do, and that serves others.
  • See the world and its wonders.
  • Be happy and wealthy.

I live in Los Banos, Laguna together with my wife Romelyn and our son, Jefferson Carlos.

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