Impact Influence Workshop: Set Goals, Change Behaviors, and Influence

Do you need help to train, motivate and inspire your employees to perform at their best? Do you want to learn how to influence their behavior and achieve measurable results? 

Our two-day Impact Influence Workshop, which is based on the book Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to drive performance and productivity in your workplace.

Leadership is influence. It is not just a title or position. And your ability to influence employees determines your impact as a leader. 


Our main aim is to provide leaders with a step-by-step guide or formula to electrify employee engagement and find ways to maximize employees’ positive behaviors. The Impact Influence workshop will also help leaders:

  • Understand the science of influence and how to apply it to your workplace
  • Identify vital behaviors that drive employee performance and motivation
  • Develop a plan to achieve measurable results through focused goals and actions

Benefits to Employees:

Upgrading leaders’ skills is a boost of confidence. It reduces the “fear of failing,” and help leaders create many positive possibilities.

  • Learn how to increase personal motivation and performance
  • Develop skills to improve collaboration and communication
  • Gain a better understanding of how to set and achieve measurable goals

Benefits to the Organization:

Impact Influence promises to provide a good return on investment. 

  • Increase employee productivity and performance
  • Develop a positive and empowering work culture
  • Achieve measurable results through clear and focused goals


The Impact Influence workshop combines guided lectures, group discussions, games, and practical activities to help you apply the Influencer Model Framework to your workplace. 

I designed each session as a building block. You will clarify measurable results, find vital behaviors, use the sources of influence, and develop action plans to achieve your goals. 

It is light on lectures and more on creating outputs that you can immediately use at work.


The workshop is two days long, with eight sessions. You will spend less than two hours each session to provide enough time to breathe and relax.

Learning Sessions

Overall, the learning sessions build on each other. The workshop will help you learn by doing. Since it is a framework, the output is different for every organization. Your organizational leaders will produce outputs that are immediately useful to your organization.

Session 1: The Powers to Influence Employee Performance 

In this session, you will understand the role of influence in the workplace and learn how to use your powers to improve employee performance. 

You will also learn to identify the key behaviors that drive performance and motivation. You must have seen a few of these behaviors in successful people you know.

Session 2: The Influencer Model Framework 

The Framework is easy to understand, so I am using this. However, as a learning experience designer, I have many sources, and they also influence the design of this program. You can see its close resemblance to the Four Disciplines of Execution.

The model begins with the end of the mind, though the bulk of the work is implementing the six sources of influence. You will be excited to use the six sources of influence because you will learn how to apply them in your workplace. 

You will identify which sources of influence are most effective in achieving your goals, and develop a plan to use those sources to drive performance and productivity in your team.

Session 3: Clarify Measurable Results 

Learn to set clear and measurable goals for your team and your organization. 

Your organization must have given you many goals to achieve as a manager and leader of your teams. But some goals are more impactful than others. 

Your increased ability to find a clear and measurable goal will make you a better manager, trainer, motivator, and performer. 

Session 4: Find Vital Behaviors 

Most motivational speakers teach people to take massive action. But at the same time, they also teach people to work smart, not hard. 

Learning to identify a few vital behaviors will make it easier and simpler for employees to achieve extraordinary results. They don’t have to do many things that overwhelm them. Instead, employees will be happy to practice vital behaviors consistently.

The best antidote to resistance to change is a few changes that employees can make. Many of the vital behaviors are easy to identify. Some are already practiced by your employees, though only by some and not consistently.

Session 5: Personal Ability and Motivation 

When employees don’t have the ability, they cannot produce excellent work. Likewise, employees only want to do an excellent job when motivated. And there are many more reasons why employees underachieve. But given these variables, we know that there are many over-motivated underachieving employees.

You will understand the factors affecting individual ability, motivation, and performance. And you can leverage what you know to help employees design their small successes that bring significant results.

This session alone will improve the way you motivate people twice better.

Session 6: Team Ability and Motivation 

Most time, influence is a numbers game. Numbers tend to attract people. So many great leaders start a movement (or a revolution) with one follower. And everyone gets inspired to apply the vital behaviors, for they’ll mutually benefit from its results.

Your teams have influencers. They can be harmful or good. They can be monsters or mentors. 

You can use numbers, peer pressure, and good influencers to drive your desired results. In addition, you can multiply your results by knowing how to improve your team’s ability and motivation to practice a few vital behaviors.

Session 7: Organizational Ability and Motivation 

In this session, you will discover that you can change people’s behaviors by redesigning your environment and therefore change your results.

You will learn how rewards and incentives can improve the practice of your desired behaviors. It has often been said that it is not all about money. We know that already. We know. That’s why sessions 5 and 6 will teach the first four sources of influence, and you will create opportunities based on these sources.

Your organizational ability and motivation can multiply the results of the first four sources. And you will learn how to do that in this session.

Session 8: Action Planning and Wrap-Up

You will develop an action plan to apply what you have learned to your workplace and reflect on what you have learned and how you can continue to improve employee engagement and performance. 

You will also receive feedback and guidance from our expert facilitators to help you achieve your goals.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to empower your employees to perform at their best. 

Contact us today to schedule our Impact Influence workshop and take the first step toward increasing your influence.

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