Plan for Success

Observe that in many team building games, facilitators require you to play one game after another. They give you instructions. Then tell you the time available for you — and the best time ever which you are not likely to beat.

They do not bother to tell you why you’ll play the game. There is no story. There is no processing. You’ll get tired but there is nothing to learn.

And don’t forget, they also do not give you time to plan. If you are not planning for success, you will most likely fail.

Positive Team Building encourage you to design your success. It is not enough that you find the answers to your question or you see opportunities in every corner. You must plan for your success before you execute them.

Not only that. Your action plan must rely on the actions that will be taken by every team member. Your team action plan isn’t a plan on how you intend to make each member play. No way, Jose. Your members aren’t pawns in a chessboard. They must be the players to your game. Your action plan must promote self-reliance.

Plan for success.

Jef Menguin

When you need a facilitator…

You can equip your team to play bigger. On your next team building events, provide your team with new experiences that can move them from playing games to playing bigger for your business. You can convert your team building into meaningful team learning experiences.

Make the most of your corporate money and show your team that teamwork is really important to you.

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