A leadership speaker is a mentor.

Your leadership speaker is your mentor on stage.

He is given an hour or two to deliver actionable ideas or elegant strategies that you can use so you can solve your leadership challenges.

You don’t pay a leadership speaker for every hour that he is on the stage. I mean you don’t pay him 100,000 pesos for an hour of speaking, then pay him for 200,000 pesos for a couple of hours of speaking.

A mentor is here to help you succeed. The measure of his success is your ability to succeed in the shortest possible time. Pay him for the value he provides, not for the number of hours he or she speaks on stage.

Leadership speakers are professionals. We know that leaders who listen to us do not have all the time in the world.

We don’t want to waste their time with 30 minutes of jokes, 30 minutes of content, and another 30 minutes of book signing. That’s insane, but this is happening in many parts of the world.

This is why the best of leadership speakers look for the best stories, the best examples, the best illustrations, the best method or formula so leaders can digest our message and learn our tools in the shortest time possible.


Think about this.

I hope you are learning something for the last two minutes. You are getting this valuable lesson for free.

Remember always that our job as leadership speakers is to develop better leaders by giving them strategies and tools they can use immediately.

Jef Menguin