Pick Goal-Driven Team Building Activities

Pick team building activities will require collaboration to achieve goals. Let team members compete together against standards, not with each other.

Money, time, and energy are wasted on team building activities that do not serve a purpose. Some expensive team-building activities provide the worst experiences to many underachieving teams.

I have encountered managers who, after purchasing team-building activities, contacted me to help them put meaning and inspiration into each purchased package.

What was the common problem of these managers?

They failed to identify the objectives of their team building efforts. They are like headless chickens who wanted to keep on moving, and they were moving everywhere but went to nowhere.

So, I teach them how to conduct positive team building. Positive team building improves your team’s effectiveness.

Let me tell you the first step among the many steps I told them to take.


Start with clear end point in mind. What specifically do you want your team to learn and accomplish?

Think well. You need to build your team according to your team purpose.

Set goals your team can achieve. Aim for change which is both relevant and immediately doable. Think of an attitude, skills, or processes your team can apply after your team building activities.

Team building experiences are interventions among many interventions that your team must undertake to improve performance.

There are many building blocks to team building and you cannot build them by playing games and participating in various team building activities.

You don’t build teams in a day.

Many facilitators tweak their favorite games to customize your team building workshops. While I admit that this can really be done by experts, you will be more effective by keeping your eyes on your objectives.

Find exercises that match your objectives.

Search for guidebooks and field books on team building. Search for team building activities on Youtube and websites. Pick the activities that will achieve your objectives.

Combine some activities to meet your objectives. Proper sequencing of the activities will also help your team make sense of all the activities.

When your purpose is compelling and clear, you will also find it easy to “create” your own games and activities.

Many of the games that I have used are “improved versions” of what I found in many team building books.

Sometimes, popular games produce the worst team building exercises. Flip them over to serve your objectives.


Compete against a challenge, not against each other.

Competition can be a good thing. It can excite, energize, and challenge people.

However, do not assume that competition is best for everyone. It can deflate and discourage.

Competition can defeat the purpose of your team building activities. You do not want an intramural. Many dysfunctional teams have trust issues. They tend to complain about “cheating” and “dishonesty” of other teams.

Unfortunately, many team building exercises are run like college intramural.

To ensure that you have a healthy dose of competition, choose team building activities that will not make them compete against each other.

Let them compete against the clock.

Let them hurdle difficult challenges and let them realize that they can learn from each other.

Let them feel the need for each other; let them realize that all of them can win by working together.

Remember, run Positive Team Building exercises begin with the end in mind.

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