Personal Development: Grow & Get A Good Life

As long as you live, pay attention to personal development.

Filipinos are more familiar with personality development than with personal development.

Colleges typically offer personality development. But it is personal development which is much needed in the workplace.

The confusion is not only in the meaning but also on what is more meaningful.

This is why many speakers offer personal development when they are actually talking about personality development.

And training associates look for a personality development speaker when the boss really want a personal development speaker.

I will help you distinguish them from each other.

Personality development is about grooming yourself so that you become more distinctive.

Your aim is to develop, polish, and refine your image.

This includes boosting your self-confidence, improving your ability to communicate, learning fine etiquette and manners, and talking and walking in certain ways.

It is akin to personal branding. You see yourself as a product. You sell yourself.

Personal branding training is a very lucrative business.

I don’t offer personal branding, image enhancement, or personality development training.

Though I see these as important component to my being a speaker, there are people who are more passionate about personality development than I do.

I am more passionate about personal mastery, personal excellence and being remarkable.


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