Learn from Successful Leaders

Study how successful leaders lead. Find the common denominator among them.

You will be amazed to find that you have some of their common traits which you did not make full use of.

There are leaders in your company, church, and organizations. Take time to sit with them. Learn from their thoughts. You will realize that though phrased in different ways, each simply echoes the others on some principles.

When you feel that you are deficient in a specific leadership skill, look for the person that shows mastery of that skill. This is what I did when I approach Vic Santiago, a very inspiring communicator, a toastmaster of extraordinary eloquence.

Since everyone wanted to have a piece of him during toastmasters meeting, I asked for his address, visited him, and consulted him on every area about communication and leadership.

His wisdom and life examples helped me during my presidency in Metro Manila Toastmasters club.

At the end of the year, MMTC helped build two other toastmasters clubs, got the President’s Distinguished Award (we got 10 of 10) , took home 11 Division Awards (plus my Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year Award plus Maricel’s) and the respect of the other clubs.

The ideas Vic shared with me, all product of his experience as a successful club president, helped me lead my own people.

Seek those successful leaders, listen to their wisdom, and apply their wisdom in your unique ways.

Jef Menguin

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