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Is motivational speaking a commodity?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because many speakers market motivational speaking like a commodity, many people think that speaking is a commodity and every speaker is a vendor.

Sad but true.

This is why there are new “motivational speakers” who think that all you have to do on stage is to open your mouth and speak.

This is why many events organizers call and ask you for a two-hour speech. Before they tell you their objectives, they ask you for your professional fee.

You tell them that you charge forty thousand pesos. They will tell you that they can only afford twenty thousand pesos and they want you to deliver your speech in an hour.

Your speaking meter is 20 thousand per hour, 10 thousand for half an hour.

You cannot fault them. I have heard many motivational speakers charge this way. Do not be surprised if they will ask you to deliver a 15 minute speech in a university three hours away from you.

Out there, you will meet people who do not understand what you offer and refuse to listen because they believe you are like the others.

You think of solutions, they think of hour-rates. You think of social advancement, they think of pork barrels. You think of people, they only think of profit.

No. Because speaking is an opportunity to make a tremendous impact and there is no factory for motivational speaking.

Whatever people think of what you do, just do it!

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