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Here’s why getting an inspirational speaker is sometimes better than hiring a motivational speaker…

Not all speakers are motivational speakers. It is like calling all carpentry tools a hammer.

Knowing which speaker you need spells the difference between success and failure. Most often the problem is not your people’s motivation.

It can be the lack of skills. Or the lack of commitment. Or the avoidance of accountability.

It can be leadership. Or followership. Or collaboration. Or system.

It can be the lack or inspiration. Or simple ways gain confidence.

Sometimes, people are overmotivated underachievers. Motivational speakers cannot help.

I have been invited to trade shows with audiences who were entertained by Tony Robbins wannabes and whose speeches are 70 percent jokes and 10 percent quotations. In between, they sell themselves.

There are many mature and professional Filipino motivational speakers. However, ninety percent of Filipino motivational speakers sell only themselves.

When your starving crowd are accomplished individuals, get an inspirational speaker. They do not need another motivational speaker. They need someone who can pull them to think beyond themselves. They need someone who can inspire them to leave their pedestals and lift others.

Medical doctors, engineers, architects, and corporate managers are motivated people. At least once a year, they attend professional conventions. They need someone who can pull them to greater significance.

Get an inspirational speaker who walks the talk, tells personal stories, and connects authentically with audiences. The best candidate to become inspirational speakers are the likes of Efren Penaflorida, Tony Meloto, and Onofre Pagsanjan.

Many inspirational speakers do not charge high fees. They find themselves successful when they get you to join or support worthy causes. The orientation is to serve the people.

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