False Beliefs

Many people have false beliefs about their capacity. A relative success in their small world makes them believe that they can easily multiply it in the big world.

It is tempting to believe that with greater influence and more money at one’s disposal, one can do as he pleases. That all others who came before them were nincompoops. That they can accomplish in three months what others failed to do in ten years.

I get this impression every time the President speaks.

In many occasions, sometimes even on live TV, he confessed that he was overwhelmed by the bigness of national problems. That he is sick and that he is tired. That the challenges he promised to solve in three days, three months, or three years cannot be solved in six years or in a lifetime.

He even said that there is no hope for us for we are a god-forsaken country.

But he was, of course, quick to remind us that there is still one hope. Him. He said that he is our last card.

I don’t believe this. But many do.

There are ways to improve the lives of our people. But I doubt we can solve it the old way.

Though the President promised change, he cannot deliver many of his promises. That’s because he is a man of the past. He uses mindsets, strategies, and tactics of traditional politicians, not of innovative leaders.

Learn from our experience during these turbulent times. We do not have to see ourselves in these rock-bottom situation again and again.

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