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Develop Competencies

Good leaders need to develop competencies to get the job done. A common problem of many organizations is that they don’t have “competent” people.

To solve this, organizations invested gazillions of pesos in employee training and development. Unfortunately, many of these training programs are hit-and-miss.

This is why I partner with organizations to develop competency strategies, models, and implementations so they can develop competent employees more effectively.

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To accelerate the growth of your organization, I believe that you are not only looking for good people. You want great people; people who can get the job done.

If your company strategy is to provide your customers added value that your competitors cannot deliver, your employees must have competencies to deliver this.

You must be able to identify the skills that each person in your organization must be able to do to be “great”. If every manager, every engineer, every operator, every janitor…and every employee of your organization performs at the “great” level, then you can achieve your company strategy and you will be likely ahead of your competition.

You start with a competency strategy. Then you create a competency model that defines what’s good and what’s great. All development programs, including employee training and development, are part of your competency implementation.

However, implementation without strategy and model is a hit-and-miss intervention.

To thrive and be ahead, your company must continuously innovate. The pace of change has accelerated and with it, you require a new ability to deliver your promise to your customers.

Develop competencies. The graphic shows competence at the center surrounded by knowledge, attitude, experience, goals, skills, and others.
You must define the competencies you need to become competent.

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