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Four times a month, I post tools and tips that creative leaders may use solve simple and complex human problems.  This is my creative response to the pandemic.

Simple Solutions to Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila

Buses came and went. I was not able to get into one even after 75 minutes. There was no more space between passengers at both doors.

It was a pitiful sight.

And two days ago, the President said that there is no way to solve the traffic congestion in Metro Manila. Two weeks before that, his aid, Senator Bong Go declared that only Superman can solve the traffic crisis in EDSA.

metro manila traffic

Make learning easy.

I learn because I have a problem to solve and I want to solve it now. If a trainer or a speaker can help me learn things at the shortest time possible, I can learn better. Only then that a speaker or trainer becomes useful to me.

online learning jobs

Why Traditional Training Fails

Many organizations spend millions on training programs. They want to develop leaders, build teams, and engage employees. Unfortunately, many of these training programs fail to deliver desired results. Here are five reasons. Most training programs don’t have measurable goals. Many organizations who have professional development programs aren’t very sure how they’ll measure success. They want …

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employee motivation: work harder

Clear Vision

Most vision statements don’t inspire people to action because they don’t give people meaning. It takes many organizations months to come up with a vision statement. When it is done, it cannot move a soul for being lifeless and vague. To find out if you have a really compelling vision, ask your employees what your …

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