My Covid-19 Plan

We can bounce forward and thrive. We can turn the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic into opportunities that will build our leadership and businesses.

I will share with you actionable advice, powerful strategies, and practical steps. Join the Bounce Forward Community.

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What’s the Plan?

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My plan for live strategic work sessions, speaking, and consulting is dependent on the recommendation of IATF.  Over the coming months, let us monitor the recommendation of authorities so we know when guidelines and policies evolve.

As leaders, we adapt. The pandemic forces us to see what we should have seen and acted upon many years ago.

Come up with a staff development program today. It pays to think ahead and different.

Maintain a safe and healthy environment wherever you are.

Take the pledge:

  • I will practice and encourage safe social distancing.
  • I will practice and encourage others to wash hands frequently and thoroughly
  • I will not come out if I don’t feel well.
  • I will not come out to buy non-essential things.
  • I will spend my time in productive conversations.
  • I will support others who need someone to talk to.
  • Thorough and frequent cleaning of all work areas.
  • Place disinfectant supplies throughout common areas.
  • Promote regular hand-washing through signage and supplies.
  • Provide free face masks for use in common spaces and hallways.
  • Provide resources to support safe and effective use of masks (CDC guide, WHO video)Prohibit guests and events.
  • Follow the advice of IATF.
  • Continue to host all events virtually. However, don’t over-do the use of these virtual meetings as they may contribute to unnecessary stress.
  • Rearrange working and common areas to encourage social distance.
  • Reduce the density of meeting spaces and classrooms.
  • Add anti-microbial covering to elevator buttons
  • Add hands-free foot pulls to interior doors
  • Add hand sanitizing stations in all shared spaces

I am using my time to find more effective ways to serve my clients. I encourage you to do the same. 

We cannot bounce back to the old days, but we can bounce forward and higher. I will launch a community website (together with my friend Vida Arciaga) that supports the professional development programs of corporations and colleges. We will provide online courses, webinars, and other digital learning resources. If you want to be our support this effort, you can email me.

I will launch a community website (together with my wife Romelyn) that supports freelancers, solopreneurs, and work at home moms.

I am writing a book that will help others bounce forward and a book on public speaking.

How can we win?

Find and create opportunities amidst the coronavirus.

These past few months have been a trying time for the Philippines and the world.

Marami sa atin ang takot. Hindi natin alam kung mahahawa o makakahawa tayo. We don’t see an end to Coronavirus spread in the Philippines. The reported cases are growing.  Many of us are frustrated; the government does not seem to know what to do.

Covid-19 will not defeat us. We can change our ways. And if we are wiser, we will turn this crisis into opportunities.

We will bounce forward.

And that means we will change our ways.

What is new normal for you?

The government said that life after MGCQ is the new normal. But I still have no idea what it is. An area not under quarantine surrounded by areas under quarantine won’t feel like near normal at all.

This version of new normal is very abnormal.

Learn faster.

By this time, we should have learned our lessons. We should have come up with strategies so we can bounce forward.

We can stop the virus from spreading. We can secure the health and safety of our citizens. These we know to be true.

But we have to change the way we live. We cannot go back to the old ways. There is nothing to bounce back. We must create new ways of living, working, and learning so we can bounce forward and thrive.

Millions of employees lost jobs. Thousands of companies closed.

Find better ways.

But I know of people who turned this crisis around and multiplied their incomes. I know of organizations that adapted themselves to the situations and grew multiple times.

Choose to thrive in tough times. Help your organization grow.

Before Covid-19 appeared, I was helping companies turn leaders into creators and innovators. I feel that this call is more relevant today. Find and create new opportunities.

Start now!

So you can get started, I will offer you the tools of design thinking. I will create blog entries and online courses so you can access them anytime you want.

I will also teach you how to create online courses rapidly. I can help you turn your training modules into engaging digital courses.

You can get my leadership courses too. Previously, I offered them as live strategic learning sessions. Today, I have repurposed them into online courses. To help you get the most of this, you will also have access to webinars and online coaching sessions.

These are opportunities visible to all of us but were ignored. The crisis of Covid-19 forced us to consider a better option.

Yes, I know. We will soon have live sessions again. But we must learn from our lessons. Let’s live, lead, and learn better.

Bounce Forward Questions

It is our choice to bounce back and forward. We cannot go back to our status before Covid-19. The world as we know it is gone. Bringing it back will be our curse.

The world is in crisis. Big and small companies have to adapt to survive. Jobs disappeared. Lives were lost. Most people panic but we cannot afford that. Traditional leaders failed to lead for they worry about their lives too.

We cannot allow the pandemic to defeat us. We must lead. We must bounce back and thrive in these tough times.

The Covid-19 almost wiped out my strategic work sessions, seminars, speaking engagements, and team-building workshops.

Everything looks good and my income projections seemed accurate before the virus came out from Wuhan.

Bounce forward and thrive. You and I can.

We must control what we can control. Use our talents, skills, and other gifts so we can come out of the status quo as better leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees.

Help your company to develop innovative leaders in these trying times. Think different.

I will serve you where I am and you can get my help wherever you are. I am working on solutions that will help you design online courses rapidly.

Corporate leaders must not stop training employees. You’ve got to help people adapt to this crisis. Help them turn this crisis into opportunities.

In the coming days, you will meet my friend, Ms. Vida Arciaga. She is a mentor to many human resource professionals. We will offer you webinars and online courses to make training easier for you. We are going to host a series of webinars that will inspire and equip you and your employees.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you, use the contact form here OR call 09274292986.

There are many possible courses. I need to ask people what they need most. You can also tell me.

What I want is to provide you access to online courses that will help your people to bounce back and thrive. 

There are already many webinars about Covid-19 and the new normal. Most of them are don’t get you to participate. You cannot pause to think. I am sure that a webinar can be interactive and entertaining. I will find ways.

But online courses work better. You won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary information. 

Here is a quick list of the topics that I and some of my friends (who are really good at what they do) will offer to you.

To help you become creators and innovators.

  • Business Model Generation for Aspiring Enterpreneurs (November 2020)
  • Innovator’s Workshop: How to Apply the Innovator’s Toolkit for Maximum Benefits & Results (January 2021)
  • Design Thinking Bootcamp: Finding Human-Centered Solutions (February 2021)

To help you design your leadership journey, I will offer you the following online courses:

  • The Art of Inspiring, Equipping, and Enabling Employees (September 2020)
  • Supervisory Leadership (October 2020)
  • Adaptive Leadership for Managers & Supervisors (January 2021)
  • Disciplined Execution in Tough Times (March 2021)

To help you accelerate your growth as a professional:

  • Speak to Inspire (September 2020)
  • MVP: Most Valuable Professional (A series)
  • Stress Mastery: Master Stress for Peak Performance
  • Time Mastery: Easy Time Management for 10x Results

The government allows live workshops for places outside of GCQ. You can do that when you have enough space for ten participants.

But unless a vaccine is available, it is best to avoid live workshops.

You can keep your people healthy and safe while equipping them. I can help you in three ways.

First, you can have customized online courses that your people can get anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry about researching, crafting content, and hosting them on a website. I can do your customized online courses for you.

You already have too many to-dos to worry during these times. Focus on areas where you can create the greatest impact. You don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to create online courses.

I will deliver to you the courses you need to give your people during and after this pandemic. I will design these courses so employees get to learn rapidly. They can learn lessons in segments of three to five minutes.

Second, you can enroll your people in online courses. In the coming weeks, I will be hosting these online courses on this website and a new community site that I and my wife are working on now.

Ms. Vida Arciaga and I are working on courses for HR professionals, employees, and higher education leaders. We will help you design or redesign your dream jobs.

Most people are afraid because they don’t know how to behave during these trying times. This is why I will offer an online course on Covid-19 for free.

In the history of the human race, no virus has defeated us. Covid-19 will not defeat us. Don’t worry, stay healthy.

Third, you can get help through webinars and online coaching. I will host a series of podcasts and videos too. To get updates about these webinars, you can subscribe here to get updates.

The crises brought by this pandemic are forcing us to do what we should have done. These crises are accelerating progress. We can innovate and think different so we can bounce forward and thrive.

We can hold group coaching for your managers and supervisors so they can equip and inspire people during these turbulent times. Companies need to design a robust support system. Managers and supervisors need help too.

At this time, I will accept one more company to serve. This is to ensure that I get to give my best given our limited time and capacity.

Yes, I can help you design online courses. We can convert your existing training modules into online courses — minus the overwhelm, of course.

I can also recommend platforms you can use so you can make learning fast, intensive, relevant, and engaging.

I discovered ways that can help employees learn better through online courses. Contact me.

Contact me.

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