Make leadership training work.

Training for creative leaders and intrapreneurs need to be game-changing. When seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and boot camps are learner-centered and results-driven, you can make training a multiplier.

I say forget the so-called 70-20-10 myth. There is no real basis for that.

Because everything we do, while we are breathing is experiences. And most of what we do teach us one thing or two when we are open to learning. When we keep our sense of wonder, we experience moments like magic. Something comes out of nothing.

I say that 99% of our learning experiences are outside the classroom. Yes, 99% which we can help creative leaders learn from. Yes, 99% which can be used to turn our employees into intrapreneurs.

We don’t put learning experiences into segments. We design with the end in mind. You blend learning experiences. You can make training for creative leaders and intrapreneurs

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  1. May i ask if you have supervisory training or seminar available this year. Thank you