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10 New Supervisory Skills Courses in the Philippines

Effective supervisory skills training aims to help you build your skills in your role as a supervisor. Supervisory skills training provides leaders an opportunity to build and nurture a team, contribute to the success of your organization, and develop your own personal and professional skills.

Supervisors are key change agents in an organization. You help shape both the stakeholder and the employee experience.

Step-Up Supervisory Skills Training (Modules)

As a supervisor, you have the opportunities to build and nurture a team, contribute to setting and achieving goals for your work area. You will need to develop your own personal and professional skills.

Every organization defines for itself the core competencies of supervisors. A supervisor in one company may need more advanced skills than a manager in another.

Among the many competencies supervisors ought to learn, I picked the competencies that can help you step-up.

How to Give Feedback and Assess Employees

  • Assess Potential Performance, and Readiness 
  • Give & Receive Feedback 
  • Coach Your Staff

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Lead Teams

  • When a Team Is Needed
  • Building A High Performing Team
  • Managing Team Dynamics

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Manage Conflict

  • Self-Awareness (Recognize Your Weakness, Develop Your Strengths)
  • Assess Conflict (Why It Is Important to Unpack Conflict)
  • Building Skills (Key Skills to Manage Conflict Effectively)

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Engage Employees

  • Conditions that Improve Employee Engagement
  • Employee Engagement Cycle
  • Creating Your Employee Engagement Plan

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Manage & Evaluate Performance

  • Why & How to Set Goals
  • Why & How to Conduct Check-ins
  • How to Evaluate Performance

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Drive Results

  • Orient Yourself to Results
  • Plan for Results
  • Manage Execution

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Delegate & Empower

  • Barriers to Effective Delegation
  • Why & How to Delegate
  • Practicing Delegation Skills

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Onboard New Employees

  • Effective Onboarding Process
  • Planning New Employee Onboarding
  • Onboarding and Employee Engagement

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Increase Productivity

  • Finding Time for Work that Matters
  • Helping Direct Reports Manage Time Effectively
  • Building Job Stress Coping Skills

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

How to Communicate Clearly (& Convincingly)

  • Fostering Open Communication
  • Say What You Mean (& Mean What You Say)
  • Communicating Urgent Tasks

120 minutes for webinars / 180 minutes for virtual workshops

Training Outcomes

Ideally, you set the success measures of your supervisory skills training. When you are clear about your objectives and your baselines, you will see your success when you get there.

Based on experience, the Step-Up Supervisory Skills training will provide you the following results.

  • Understand and perform the roles and responsibilities of a manager/supervisor
  • Motivate staff through effective interpersonal relations
  • Enforce discipline professionally in the workplace.
  • Delegate work efficiently and ensure its timely completion.
  • Give feedback to staff in a way that builds performance.
  • Communicate better with superiors and staff.
  • Use adaptive leadership.
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Virtual Learning Helps Supervisors Upgrade Their Skills Faster

Why is supervisor training important?

The most obvious answer: most supervisors are ill-equipped for the job.

Many supervisors accept their new roles with great energy and enthusiasm. A promotion is an affirmation that they’re doing great in their previous jobs. Unfortunately, many of them end up frustrated and angry.

Many supervisors are not prepared for the job. Though they have the motivation to perform the job, they lack the ability to deliver. A well-design supervisor training will inspire and equip new supervisors.

Let me tell you why.

As a supervisor, you lead other people. As a leader, you must remember that your employee’s success is your success. You are required to do the tasks that your subordinates do, however you are also responsible for getting things done – and making better things happen – through others.

So, after a decade of training supervisors, I decided to webinars and virtual workshops on supervisor training. I have not yet scheduled the dates. But this guide will give you a quick start.

Benefits of Supervisory Skills Training

Supervisor training will help supervisors quickly learn and immediately apply the people skills of supervising. Most supervisors fail because they have poor people-handling skills. Here are some of the most visible benefits.

  • Better results due to pro-active supervisory performance.
  • More highly motivated managers, supervisors, and staff
  • Improved staff-management relations
  • Improved supervisor-manager relations
  • Improved problem-solving and fewer errors due to more open and constructive communication
  • Better communication and cooperation between sections.
  • Higher employee morale due to more respectful communication.
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Because of technology, we can learn from everywhere, anytime.

Training Options

There are three ways we can deliver your Step-Up Supervisory Skills training programs. The new normal requires that we keep our people safe while learning.

1. Online Course

Online courses allow self-paced learning. As a supervisor, you can enroll in the supervisory skills courses that I offer to the public.

A training manager may enroll all supervisors in the program.

A better alternative is to tailor-fit your online course to the need of your supervisors. To ensure that they build new skills, you can require action learning projects. You may also put into the mix some coaching sessions with me.

2. Webinar and Virtual Workshops

The webinar is fast-paced learning. Supervisors can have just-in-time learning in 120 minutes or less.

You can bring in more people to participate too.

The virtual workshop also allows fast-paced learning. Unlike a webinar, a virtual workshop involves more activities for practice and discussion. It is best when you have less than 15 participants.

3. Live Workshops

We will be able to meet face to face soon. But I believe we can do this for a fewer number of people. Covid-19 will be with us for some more months or years. We’ve got to play it safe.

If you plan to bring Awesome Supervisory Skills to your organization, we may have online courses and webinars today; then, we can work on live workshops later.

Combining the training options is what I recommend companies to do in the new normal.

Tailor-Fit for Success

You can design Step-up Supervisory Skills with action learning projects and coaching sessions. The project and coaching session ensure that you transfer learning to application.

The outline above is for demonstration purposes only. All of the information I included in the outline is important only when you need them. When we customize the program for you, we will zero-in on vital behaviors where you can get the most advantage.

People Ask

People Asked

You can train supervisors via classroom training, webinars, and online courses. Focus on skills that are vital that will improve performance and help employees ready for the future. The best way to train supervisors, however, is via experience. With the help of a coach or a mentor, a supervisor can learn on the job.

Supervisors can improve performance by examining the gap between the current performance and target performance, identifying the vital behaviors that will bring results, keeping them engaged in the new behaviors, and evaluating change regularly. Sometimes, performance improvement comes with a process change.

Design supervisor training program to achieve the objectives of the organization. Begin with the crucial supervisory skills (see examples here), identify the two or three vital behaviors for each skill, and then explore various ways of keeping supervisors engaged in the new behavior.

All supervisory skills training must meet the needs of the organization. Public seminars on “basic supervisory skills training” seldom do the magic. For this reason, I recommend that every supervisory skills training be customized. Yes, I design customized training programs.

One framework for supervisor training is POLC framework which most Filipino trainers use. POLC means planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In the guide Supervision & Leadership, you will be able to explore this old model. For new supervisors, I recommend that less academic and more practical Step-Up Supervisory Skills.

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10 Supervisory Skills Training

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