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10 New Leadership Training Perfect for Managers & Supervisors

Many leadership training programs fail because they are canned commodities. Worst, some companies send employees to leadership training without a solid plan on how to help employees apply their learning. They are robbing themselves of the opportunity to build great leaders.

Leadership training can potentially accelerate the growth and development of leaders. When combined with other learning experiences like coaching, mentoring, action learning, and on-the-job training, leadership training works.

I will present to you ten leadership training programs I designed for Filipino professionals. Then, I will discuss what leadership training is, how to make it work, which leadership skills to design for learning experiences, and how to design your leadership program.

Leadership Training

10 of the best leadership training programs in the Philippines perfect for managers, supervisors, and high potential professionals.

My Covid-19 plan is to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. Covid-19 is still a big problem in the Philippines. But I am hopeful. I am looking forward to starting the following training programs by March 2021. We can plan together now. We have enough time to come up with intelligent training programs for your leaders.

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The is the Jef Menguin method. Begin by identifying the competencies necessary to accomplish organizational objectives. Identify vital behaviors that the cohort must practice. Design a combination of engagement strategies. Then, evaluate and improve.

Leadership training is best when it achieves organizational objectives and is personalized. Instead of getting “basic leadership training”, get a learning strategist who can help you zero in on leadership skills and vital behaviors your high potential employees need. Customization does not mean using your company logo in presentation slides. Customization requires a personalized, relevant, and measurable experience.

Yes, I can help your company develop leaders for a term of three months or longer. Present your needs to me. I have OD, HR, Leadership, and Strategy consultants who can help me help you.

There are dozens of skills that you can include in leadership training. But the best leadership training focuses on a single skill, not a bunch of skills. Either you focus on one, like business acumen, or give participants a book on leadership. Unfortunately for most Filipinos, the basic leadership training offered in the market is nothing but concepts and theories about leadership.

The best leadership courses are those tailor-fit to your needs and the needs of the organization. You may find courses sold as the best, but those are only for the sake of marketing. Understand that there are many leadership levels – and experts usually run canned programs with excellent presentation skills, not great leadership skills.

Leadership training fails when it is transactional, not transformational. In some organizations, leadership training is another check in a box. There is no accountability, only activity. The leadership training that works are transformational. They make positive change happen.

Some leadership programs will cost you more than 8000 dollars or more. Other leadership courses will cost you 8000 pesos or less. The price depends on who is selling and who is paying. Some companies in the Philippines send executives abroad and invest millions in leadership education. Others won’t spend a thousand pesos. My market is willing to pay at least 5000 pesos for each participant in leadership training.

Leadership training has many kinds. Some leadership training programs are nothing but lectures of concepts and theories. The world wide web can provide you this for free, but some people are willing to sit down and listen to a lecturer for a day — and pay good money for it. The best leadership training is evidence-based. They are tailor-fit to help organizations build leaders who can deliver results.

Leadership courses may help you get a certificate, which is excellent social proof. You can include it in your resume. A leadership course may help you develop skills and vital behaviors that give you confidence and competence to lead. So, be clear about your objectives. If you want cheap leadership training, go for canned programs to provide you a certificate or choose leadership courses that support your leadership objectives.

Most of the leadership training programs I conduct in the Philippines are for private companies. I design programs for executives, middle managers, and supervisors. These programs helped leaders increase their influence, engage employees, deliver persuasive presentations, and improve customer experiences.

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