Bring these online courses to your company.

2020 can (still) be our big year. Adversity forces us to reinvent ourselves. Today, most of us meet online. We are embracing the virtual world.

But since most of us are new to the platform, some trainers and learners are still figuring out how to teach and learn.

My wife, a college librarian, typically has to listen to two webinars each day. She has a webinar in the morning, afternoon, and late nights.

What’s noticeable is that the speakers are trying to teach in two hours what they’ve been delivering in eight hours. Of course, this time without icebreakers, energizers, and fun games associated with live training.

I know something about online learning.

I started designing online courses in 2004. I can say that I know little things about online education, gamification, and growth engineering.

Online learning is best when you pick one critical skill, instead of 1000 skills, relevant to the needs of learners. Students may learn work skills in three minutes or less. Online learning is the fastest, least expensive, and most effective learning platform for organizations.

But only if you do it right.

There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of the online courses that I provide leaders here at Thrive Academy.

First, you may enroll yourself and your staff in the online courses. If you have few people to train, these online courses will provide you with just-in-time, focused, practical, and engaging learning opportunities.

I commit to offering one new course every two months. I will design digital courses that will help leaders address the challenges of the crazy crisis brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find the Roadmap here.

The Roadmap also shows other learning opportunities. There are online workshops, coaching, and virtual summits. I tell you, I commit that 2020 will be a big year. I don’t want to remember this year only for the challenges we all suffered, but more for how we will bounce forward and thrive.

Second, you can hire me to design your online learning platform. I can help you design and build a website with a learning management system and an online community. I may customize online courses for your staff.

If you need help in teaching your managers how to teach online, I can do that for you too. The best thing about having your online learning platform is that you can manage and monitor the knowledge acquisition of your leaders, you can help leaders get just-in-time learning, and build a learning culture around it.

I am into creating a movement that helps Filipinos bounce forward and thrive. I am offering you a second opportunity of educating leaders so that we can multiply the results of our efforts.

If you know a school (Yes, we can help schools in the country create their online learning centers) or corporations which need our help now, please refer them to me. I will appreciate your assistance.

And if you know someone who has expertise in building and developing leaders, shoot me an email. People need to learn from them too.

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