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Punong Barangay: The Role and Impact of the Community Leader

The Punong Barangay, also known as the Barangay Captain, is often misunderstood and underestimated. Every Punong-Barangay has executive, judicial, and legislative powers. This alone should make the executive, the CEO of this public corporation, to be very powerful. It is unfortunate that many barangay leaders …

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3 Simple Solutions to Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila

Buses came and went. I was not able to get into one even after 75 minutes. There was no more space between passengers at both doors.

It was a pitiful sight.

And two days ago, the President said that there is no way to solve the traffic congestion in Metro Manila. Two weeks before that, his aid, Senator Bong Go declared that only Superman can solve the traffic crisis in EDSA.

Teach for Change

We are here because this is where we want to be. What’s wrong with our educational system? Our children our learning from sick textbooks. We have school heads who are more of order takers than leaders. And we have transactional teachers whose aims are simply …

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Great School Vision

Dear School Principals, Claim your power to build great schools– communities where your children, the hopes of this country, will be formed and nurtured. I say this because I know that many school principals are required to display the mission-vision-values statements at the school facade. …

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