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It is our professional responsibility to boost our careers. I want to help in fulfilling that responsibility. I will share with you my ideas on how you can be the Most Valuable Professional in your organization.

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Maximizing Your Professional Impact: A Guide to Finding Multipliers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn stands out as the go-to place for growing your career. But it’s not just about being there; it’s about making an impact. Make the right connections that can multiply your opportunities and impact. We call these game-changers ‘multipliers.’ In this guide, we’re diving into …

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On Motivation

It’s a common belief that action is the child of motivation. But history tells us otherwise. It’s filled with stories of individuals who acted first, with motivation following in their footsteps, like a shadow that appears once you step into the sun.


On Commitment

Commitment is like a secret ingredient that turns your effort into skill. It’s not about being born talented; it’s about choosing to dive in and work hard, even when it gets tough. Think about it like this: anyone can get good at playing the flute, coding in C++, or playing soccer if they decide to stick with it through thick and thin.

10 Benefits of Webinars

I run Best in People Webinars to help leaders learn faster and better for less cost. Though it is easier and more exciting for me to conduct live training programs for leaders, webinars have many benefits we can enjoy. I also m

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