Practice Calendar Integrity

Supervisors must strictly promote and practice calendar integrity. Every member of the team must honor commitments on their calendars. Calendar integrity means that they are present at the beginning of the meeting, prepared, fully engaged with the agenda items, and stay until the meeting’s conclusion.

Employees can find excuses for joining late and leaving early. They can say that the previous meetings went beyond the allotted time. They can say they have other things to do too. People can always find “reasons.”

Whatever you tolerate, speak about what you value. If your people don’t value calendar integrity, that means they don’t respect those people who join you in the meeting.

If you allow them to come late, you are saying it is okay to keep people waiting.

If you allow them to come unprepared, you say that your meetings aren’t essential activities in your organization. Everyone must come to a meeting prepared.

If you allow people to attend but do not participate, you are saying that it is okay to waste time with you.

Keep these in mind. People who must be in the meeting must come early and participate until the meeting’s very conclusion.

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