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An entrepreneur shares how to start and build a small business in the Philippines. Find 100 business ideas you can use today.

The Sun Will Shine on Us

When I was young, I learned from school that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. That’s what I have always believed for about 40 years. I finally learned the truth in 2019. My family transferred in June 2019 to our present house. The first thing I did was to clean …

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sun rises

Educators aren’t ready.

Educators are not ready. No one is. But we have to bounce for our sake and the sake of our children. We must find ways and use what we have to get where we want to be.

Communicate and Collaborate

Filipinos want the typical game-oriented team building programs because they are afraid to hold courageous conversations. As a team leader, you can handle conflict by showing people how to communicate and collaborate.

example of team at work

My mission.

I help Filipinos grow great organizations. This is why I design easier, simpler, and quicker solutions to help creative leaders solve challenges in the workplace today.

And together, we co-create opportunities so they become ahead of what’s possible.

Map Customer Journeys

Manage customer experiences.

Begin with customer experience journey mapping. Show leaders how to plan and run customer journey mapping workshops. Inspire leaders to invest in customer experience management.

Go beyond I-will-teach-you-how-to-say-sorry customer service training.

customer experience journey mapping

Train the Trainer

There is a better alternative to train the trainer programs offered in Manila. The typical train the trainer program aims to provide instruction, feedback, and coaching to those who are tasked to conduct classroom or virtual training.

Nowadays, innovative companies go beyond training their managers and corporate trainers on how to deliver instruction. I will tell you more in this post.

stop making your training boring

Active Training Workshop

You know that people learn best by doing. And most training programs conducted by managers do not work because they usuall resort to data dumping. The usual excuse is that managers are not “trainers” and therefore have no other choice but to leave training to HR, the training department, or God-sent trainers from outside. Let’s …

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active training

Stress Management Seminars

I don’t know of any organization whose productivity is not affected by stress. They are part of every workplace professionals’ life. You’ll find that many stress management workshops offer solutions which are not practical and applicable in the workplace. This is because they were practice by individuals who can leave work anytime — or by …

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stress management seminars

On Sales Training

“Sales training can turn you into an excellent salesperson.” Many sales trainers in the Philippines believe and preach. This is very encouraging. This can move people into thinking that training can make them sell. But, no, sales training cannot turn you into an excellent salesperson. I will tell you why. Ten years ago, I attended …

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Time Management Training Tips

Every year, companies spend millions of pesos on time management training. Aside from stress management, time management training is obvious solution unproductive employees. Unfortunately, this obvious solution fail again and again. Please allow me to suggest three ways to make your time management training successful. 1. Involve everyone.  No one likes to be singled out. …

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Leadership Workshop

Let’s make leadership development easy. I have designed Exemplary Leadership so organizations help leaders learn leadership that supports organizational objectives.

Exemplary Leadership Workshop is focused, engaging, and and experiential.

teamwork builder

How This Website Can Help You Build Teams

Build teams because you need to tap the talents and skills of others to be successful.

You need to enlist others to your vision and mission. Teams will multiply your results for minimum of efforts. In this post, I will contribute to your knowledge on how to solve common team problems.

build teams
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