Being bored with work is a real thing. However, even if you are a driven individual, you are very productive, and you are one of the most valuable players in your organization.

There will be times that you will feel bored. You don’t know why, but there’s no energy and no urgency to do something.

What can you do to get back to more productive work and be the productive person you always deem yourself to be?

Here’s a simple exercise that you can use today. Do a five-minute brainstorming of 15-minute work.

Brainstorm 100 things to do, but it’s okay if you will not be able to write 100 things in five minutes.

Write in five minutes all the work you can do in 15 minutes or less.

After brainstorming 15-minute work, pick the top 10 that will bring a more significant impact to your work. Then, among the top 10, please choose the easy and exciting one to do. If you cannot find anything exciting to do, stick with the easiest one.

Why choose the one easy and exciting work? Because you have to make a small win at this very hour.

Do 15-minute work brainstorming today.

Here’s another simple step to make time go faster when you are bored at work:  Do your job as fast as you can.

Then, when you are done, find something else to do.

You’ll soon find that you do not have enough time to do everything. That’s okay. You will have something to do the next day.

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