Be Bigger than Your Financial Problems

One assumption Filipinos have is that when one lacks money, he can’t do anything.

One who lacks money finds it difficult to be healthy socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Lack of money breaks many relationships too.

I am no stranger to financial problems. When I was young, I could smell poverty every minute of the day.

People get easily overwhelmed by money problems. They panic. Or  they get paralyzed.

Anonymous experts on Facebook will try to confuse us about inflation with their  explanation.  No explanation will trump the stories that prices of vegetables, fish, rice, and meat tell.

For many of us, our wallets are not getting bulkier too. (If only wallets could speak!)

The government failed us again. I know. But it is not the end of the world. We can always change our government, and we must be realistic about our politicians. They’ll continue to promise to improve our lives in three days or three months (whatever number sounds good to you) to get elected.

Someone with black-and-white mindset and who still uses methods of the 1970s to solve our current problems will surely fail. To believe that they can isn’t positive thinking. It is insanity!

Let’s go back to our money problems for I have something important to tell you.

Be bigger than your financial problems.

Think 10x.

Reframe our money problems into opportunities.

“How Might We” is one tool that you’ll find very useful. And I am sharing this tool to wonderful people like you. I am sure this will help you.

Here are some examples of HMW statements that I can share with you. You can come up with yours.

HMW manage our financials.
HMW find other streams of income.
HMW pay our debts.
HMW earn 10 times more.
HMW help our families learn more about money.
HMW become wealthy every day.

These questions will lead you to answers you’ve not thought before.

But more importantly, these questions and your answers to these questions will make you think and act bigger than your financial problems.

Jef Menguin

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