Be a Public Speaker

Public speakers who possess the ability to teach and persuade others find it easier to lead. Good leaders will benefit from mastering the techniques and strategies in public speaking.

I have been teaching leaders how to become effective communicators. As a public speaker, I learn to embrace new mindsets and develop skills in public speaking. You will learn public speaking techniques and strategies here.

motivational speaking is business

Learn how to speak and make a difference.

Do you want to make positive change happen? You can do that by sharing your expertise and experiences. One effective way I know is through public speaking. For the past twelve years, I have delivered hundreds of speeches to conferences, sales rallies, conventions, and corporate events I shared stories of people who are exemplars for leadership, personal excellence, innovation, …

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why i write

Prepare Before You Speak

Every person has the capacity to change someone’s life. Anyone who has the confidence and conviction to help can do it.

Do you want to learn how to speak with confidence and make a difference in the lives of others?

getting started in public speaking

Speak up.

This world owes its progress to those women and men who dared to speak up. Don’t hide. Don’t stay in the corner. Don’t just watch. Let your mouth speak your truth. Let the world benefit from what you know. Take courage. I know that it is difficult even to utter a single word. Trust me. …

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everyone has a story

Tell your story.

It will be easier for you to lead when you know how to tell a story.  You have to help others see your story. Make them feel, taste, smell and touch your story. Use this excellent advice from Jeff Goins. There are hundreds of resources out there who can help you tell your stories. But …

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people who show their love to you

Know your audience.

Be interested with your audience. I bet that nine of ten speakers you’ll met are more interested in their stories than your stories. Ask them questions and they’ll give you answers faster than bullet trains in Japan. Give them opportunities to speak and they’ll be more than happy to tell you about purpose, excellence, dreaming …

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