Be a Public Speaker

Public speakers who possess the ability to teach and persuade others find it easier to lead. Good leaders will benefit from mastering the techniques and strategies in public speaking.

I have been teaching leaders how to become effective communicators. As a public speaker, I learn to embrace new mindsets and develop skills in public speaking. You will learn public speaking techniques and strategies here.

preparing to talk

You are just one talk away.

You are just one talk away to change the world. You have stories to tell that only you can give. Don’t let your story die in you. Don’t let your story die with you.

You may be thinking that people won’t be interested to hear from you. You tell yourself that you have a regular life. That like others you still struggle every day. That you have not achieved anything of worth.


Pathways Experience

You speak in clubs only to share what you’ve learned from each project. And if you are like me who pay more attention to learning than earning badges, you can play bigger.

How can you do it?

a man presenting to a group leaders

Using Notes in Speaking

Just keep this in mind: don’t deliver a script when delivering a speech in public.

Speaking is a conversation. Keep your eye contact. Use gestures, facial expressions, and body movements to amplify your message. You cannot make your speech visual if you read your speech.

Sell Your Meetings

Toastmasters are encouraged to invite guests to club meetings. We share the benefits that membership offers. Toastmasters gamified recruitment of new members. A club earns two points in a ten-point system when 8 guests sign up for membership. Some officers take it as their personal mission to earn those two points. They invest time and …

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