Be a bigger leader.

Learn to lead better.

If you are working, these steps can easily get you promoted fast. You’ll be irresistible. Companies search for value-added professionals.

The following are seven steps you can start doing now.

1. Be a lifelong learner. You’ll never know everything there is to know about your job. Make a point to learn something new everyday.

It is said that one has to invest 10,000 hours to his craft to become an expert.

If this belief is true, then you only need more than two hours and a half of daily deliberate practice to be an expert in ten years.

It took you 16 years before you achieved your bachelors degree. What if you have invested at least three hours in deliberate training?

Another ten years invested in your craft is not that long given the number of years most of us spent to become a non-expert.

Get yourself educated everyday.

2. Stretch your comfort zone. Are you afraid to speak in public? Join Toastmasters or join my Speaker’s Circles. Or enroll in a theater class.

Trust me when I say that there is no box. The box most of us are in today are our own making. Every time we stretch ourselves, we gain confidence, and we learn better.

3. Spend sometime in someone else’s shoes. See what challenges your clients and your boss face, and learn from them. Use your learning as a basis for improving your responsiveness to their needs.

I call this observation. And observation made me learn twice about everything.

Now, imagine what will make your boss and clients happy.

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4. Break out from your old paradigms. Change your way of thinking and believing.

Look at your work from a new perspective. There will be people out there who will make you hate work. Some of them will say that the best thing in life is go easy, build your downlines, and earn your passive income anywhere.

Do not allow these people to poison your mind. They do not know what work means. They do not know what entrepreneurship means. They do not know that network marketing takes hard world.

Work is an opportunity to be of service for others. Work is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. This is the very reason why I encourage you to work for the best.

And yes, entrepreneurs work harder than anyone else.

5. Be flexible. Refuse to let your mind close itself to new ideas and ways of doing business. Do not tell me that your 65 years old and your life is done.

You are not done till you are dust.

You are not too old to listen – really listen — to what others say and learn from their experience.

I have learned to never overestimate my knowledge and underestimate others too. I think everyone must be flexible and must be elastic so they learn more.

6. Jump at opportunities to take on responsibilities. You should try new things. That’s how you grow.

Complaining will not produce anything. Waiting will not make opportunities come.

Expect opportunities. And when you cannot find one, make one.

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7. Volunteer for assignments outside your assigned tasks. This is one way of making opportunities. Doing so will make you learn more skills, cultivate your strengths, spend time with your co-workers shoes, and break out old way of thinking. And by the way, this will also make your more promotable.

This day is beautiful. Make it wonderful.`

Jef Menguin

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