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Intrapreneurs: How to Make Employees Think Like Owners

I hold short programs to teach intrapreneurship for one to three days. You may include Design Sprint, Design Thinking, and Customer Journey Mapping here. I will add two more.

Business Model Generation

Business Model Generation will help employees understand how a business becomes profitable. They will understand how to use the Business Model Canvas that help define the key elements to business success.

Why is this important?

Many employees do not know how a company earns. They don’t care because they don’t know. Many of them traded their hours for pesos.

You can keep them that way. You can also make them think like business owners. The choice is yours.

Business units tasked to create new products, services, and experiences will find the ability to use the Business Model Canvas very enabling.

Business Model Generation is a two-day workshop. This is also a significant part of a Lean Startup Program which I may help you design for your organization.

Lean Startup

Lean Startup is not a seminar or workshop. Steve Blank made the phrase Lean Startup popular. This is an expensive program but you can buy his book and find many of his lectures on Youtube for free.

You can make your employees think like entrepreneurs. Lean Startup is an adventure, a search for a business that will be sustainable, repeatable, and scalable.

If you want to play bigger, liberate the intrapreneurs of your organization. Let them know that you encourage them to come up with ideas, create MVPs, and learn from your customers.

Training may take three days and the whole program may take months.

As I have said, organizations ought to develop all kinds of leaders at every level of the organization. The learning opportunities I described above will help make them create and innovate.

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