Innovation made easy

Innovation Made Easy

Innovators like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Tony Hsie, and Larry Page have changed the world.

How many of us imagined this world before the Internet era? Or the world before there was television? Or the world before there was radio? Innovators are the real-game changers.

There was a time that only geniuses have the craziness to push for innovation. The world was used to same-same, safe, and slow.

Innovators accelerated, multiplied, amplified, simplified, and magnified solutions.

Today, ordinary people can make innovation happen. I challenge you to liberate your people so they become innovators.

Inspire and equip leaders to think differently. Let them think outside the box. Free them from same-same mentality so they can play bigger.

Innovation is the spark that keeps organizations moving forward. To be the best in the market, it is not necessary to disrupt. More important than disruption is innovation.

Innovation makes you play bigger. Innovation keeps you ahead. Innovation gives you the license to create new rules.

We innovate to offer products, services, and experiences that our public won’t be able to resist. We provide the greatest value to our customers.

We innovate to find a new way of doing something. We understand that we can create the maximum value for the minimum effort. We only need to explore various ways through innovation.

We innovate to increase revenue, save money, reach more people, become more visible, and be ahead of what’s possible.

Leaders are meant to make change happen. Leaders must challenge the status quo, keep learning and exploring, and multiply value.

In the olden days, people worry about how the economic pie would be divided among us. Because of innovation, we have discovered that we don’t have to wage war against each other because of a single pie. We can bake more pies. We can multiply our pies a thousandfold, a millionfold — and our imagination is our only limit.

Creativity and innovation flourish in an environment that encourages them to grow and blossom.

I encourage you to champion creativity and innovation. Plant the seeds.

Send your leaders to creativity and innovation workshops.

Bring a leadership speaker who can encourage leaders, through stories and frameworks, to embrace innovation.

Let them practice innovation by using the tools of Design Thinking. Get them to understand customers using Customer Journey Mapping. Help them change the story of your organization.

Reach out to me when you need help.

I will design and deliver your creativity and innovation programs for your leaders. I will show you, through simple exercises, how to embed innovation in your daily work.

Encourage the creator mindset. Turn your employees into innovators.

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