73 Anti-Bullying Slogans That Inspire and Persuade

Are you looking for slogans you can use to promote the anti-bullying campaign in school? You can use the following. Challenge yourself to become more creative.

Remember that kids who bully are still kids. Please find out how you can help them.

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Slogans in English

  • Putting others down won’t bring you up.
  • Good guys don’t bully.
  • Kids who bully are afraid. They need help.
  • Be a friend. Bully no one.
  • Good students speak kind words.
  • Everyone belongs to our school.
  • Bullying is bad. It makes others sad.
  • Be kind, gentle, and caring at all times.
  • Give Happiness. Always.
  • Do not tolerate bullying. Tell adults when you see one.
  • Befriend People Who Are Kind to All.
  • If you see a bully, tell a teacher.
  • Bullying harms everyone. Don’t take part in it.
  • You don’t become big by making others feel small.
  • Don’t just be a bystander. Take a Stand.
  • Meanness Is a Display of Weakness
  • To Belittle is to Be Little
  • You Weren’t Born a Bully. Don’t Become One.
  • Bullying Isn’t Cool; It is CRUEL.
  • No One Can Bully When We Stand As One
  • Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Happiness through Bullying
  • It is okay not to like others. It is not okay to hurt them.
  • Don’t suffer in silence. Tell your parents.
  • Bullies aren’t strong; they’re just wrong.
  • Bullies aren’t brave; they’re afraid.
  • Bullying someone on Facebook will destroy your life.
  • Praise, don’t roast someone online.
  • Don’t Be Mean Behind the Screen
  • Delete Cyberbullying. Be a Good Netizen.
  • Cyberbullying Is a Crime.

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Slogans in Tagalog

I came up with anti-bullying slogans in Tagalog. May the following help you develop a creative and healthy way of encouraging kids to avoid bullying, to not just be a bystander but a hero for someone.

  • Ang tunay na tapang, makikilala sa kabutihan.
  • Ang mga batang nananakit, nabubuhay sa galit.
  • Huwag maging siga o maton, ang buhay mo ay hindi patapon.
  • Hindi COOL maging BULLY, sikapin na sa kapwa ay maging mabuti.
  • Huwag magbulag-bulagan kapag kapwa bata ay sinasaktan.
  • Ang bully ay nagkukunwaring siga sapag siya ay duwag at mahina.
  • Kapwa ko, mahal ko. Ang batang bully ay tulungan maging mabuti.
  • Ang batang bully ay bunga ng pambubully. Kaya’t wag maghiganti, tulungan sila maging mabuti.
  • Walang natutuwa sa siga kaya mahalin mo ang iyong kapwa.
  • Tayo ay magsasa-sama, upang sa paaralan ang bully ay di makapaminsala.
  • Kung wala kang masabi na maganda sa ibang tao, wag na magsalita pa.
  • Ang bully sa Facebook, hindi nagiging panatag ang loob.
  • Ang cyberbullying ay hindi katuwaan; ito ay paninira ng buhay at kinabukasan.

Create anti-bullying slogans.

Creating effective anti-bullying slogans that are memorable, respectful, and that consider all kids (including those who bully) involves a blend of creativity, empathy, and simplicity.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Understand your audience: It is important to understand that the slogan is meant for kids. Make sure it uses language that kids can easily understand and relate to.
  2. Keep it simple: Slogans should be short, sweet, and easy to remember. They should also be direct, clearly stating the message you want to communicate.
  3. Use Rhyme and Rhythm: Rhymes and rhythmic patterns are easier to remember. If you can make your slogan catchy with these elements, it’s more likely to stick.
  4. Promote positive behavior: The message of the slogan should aim to encourage positive behavior rather than simply discouraging negative behavior. This could include respect, kindness, or standing up for others.
  5. Maintain respect: It’s crucial to remember that kids who bully are still kids. Slogans should not stigmatize or dehumanize them. Instead, they should promote a change in behavior and attitude.
  6. Call to action: A good slogan often contains a clear call to action. It’s not just about recognizing the problem; it’s about inspiring the reader to do something about it.
  7. Use powerful words: Use words that evoke emotion, words that inspire, motivate, and challenge.
  8. Make it relatable: The more relatable the slogan is, the more impact it will have. Try to tap into common experiences or feelings among kids.
  9. Test it out: Before you finalize a slogan, test it out on a small group. This could be your own kids, students, or a group of kids from your community. Get their feedback and make necessary changes.
  10. Creativity is key: Get creative with your slogan. Use metaphors, analogies, or interesting wordplay to make it stand out.

Remember, the objective is not just to create a slogan but to create a positive change. The slogan should be a tool for fostering a more empathetic and respectful atmosphere among children.

30 Anti-Bullying Slogans with a Positive Tone

When addressing the issue of bullying, focusing on the positive aspects of kindness and civility offers a refreshing perspective.

Not only do positive slogans resonate more with some audiences, but they also encourage a proactive and uplifting approach to change.

Rather than condemning negative actions, celebrating positive ones can inspire individuals to foster more welcoming and inclusive environments.

Rhyming slogans, in particular, are catchy, memorable, and can easily resonate with the masses. Here are 30 more anti-bullying slogans that emphasize the brighter side of human interaction:

  1. “Spread love, not hate, let’s make kindness our trait.”
  2. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind, it’s a beautiful thing.”
  3. “Choose words that heal, not words that steal.”
  4. “Lift up, don’t tear down, spread smiles all around.”
  5. “Unity is bliss, bullying’s a miss.”
  6. “A friend to all is a friend standing tall.”
  7. “Radiate love, rise above, give hate a little shove.”
  8. “Hand in hand, together we stand, bullying’s not in demand.”
  9. “Celebrate grace, in every place, let love replace the chase.”
  10. “Inclusion’s our song, with kindness, we’re strong.”
  11. “Embrace, don’t erase, everyone’s space.”
  12. “A loving heart, is where it all starts.”
  13. “Share the cheer, be a peer, keep kindness near.”
  14. “Bridge gaps with love taps, not with nasty traps.”
  15. “Join the crew of respect, it’s the best project.”
  16. “Civility is key, to set our spirits free.”
  17. “Together we soar, when bullying’s no more.”
  18. “Kindness is contagious, let’s be courageous.”
  19. “Love’s glow, makes all hearts grow.”
  20. “Unity’s dance, gives everyone a chance.”
  21. “Harmony’s tune, is our greatest boon.”
  22. “Hate divides, but love provides.”
  23. “Friendship’s glow, defeats every foe.”
  24. “Lend a hand, make a stand, in kindness land.”
  25. “With love and respect, we connect.”
  26. “Embrace diversity, it’s our universe’s university.”
  27. “The power of one, can get so much done.”
  28. “Respect’s the call, for one and all.”
  29. “Good vibes we send, when bullying we end.”
  30. “Share the light, make everything right.”

With these slogans, the goal is to foster environments where kindness is the norm, and bullying becomes a distant memory.

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