Amplify: Expand Your Life

Do you want to amplify your life? Do you want to use your talents and skills to make an impact in the world? I hope you do because you can make a big difference if you want.

What is Amplify?

Amplify means to increase in size and effect. Entrepreneurs, innovators, or teachers are some people who may consider amplifying as a personal value.

Most values are nouns. But some organizations use verbs, like amplify, to highlight the kind of behaviors they expect from employees.

As an educator, I focus on the positives. I feel that my job is to increase my value a thousandfold. That’s also what I believe I must do for my clients. It is one of my strategic values.

Vital Behaviors that Amplify Life

There are vital behaviors that help you to enlarge or expand your life. Though we are not sure of how long we shall leave on this earth, we can decide how impactful and enjoyable our life can be.

Use your strength. You can get what you want when you pay attention to what you already have. Do you have hands, feet, and mouth? Some people don’t have hands, and cannot walk, or speak. But from time to time we see people without limbs who have amplified their life.

What are your passions, talents, and skills? Have you finished elementary education? Do you belong to a church? Do you have friends? Use whatever you have to enlarge your life.

Grab opportunities. When you know your strengths, many opportunities appear. That’s because your mind is alert to what you are capable of doing.

Think about your problems and challenges. Then, consider which of your talents and skills can solve your problems. Consider also those people who can help you.

Then, go outward.

Take inventory of the problems of people which your talents, skills, and whatever resources you have can solve. You will be surprised to know that no matter how ” little” our education is, there are people around us who may need what we have or who we are.

Find ways to grow 1% each time. I can encourage you to think 1000x and grow yourself a hundredfold. That’s overwhelming to many people. But how about trying to learn new things, start new things, starting small?

You can definitely start small today. You can do something small every day, as little as 1% improvement, which will expand you more than double in a year. Amplifying our lives is not rocket science.

Amplify Quotes

Dreamers don’t have special genes. They find circumstances that amplify their dreams. – Seth Godin

Leaders don’t complain about what’s not working. Leaders celebrate what is working and work to amplify it. – Simon Sinek

Discipline should amplify creativity rather than stifle it. – James C. Collins

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