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Jef Menguin

Reverse Engineer, Innovate, and Reinvent Solutions to Success

My name is Jef Menguin. My works aim to help corporate executives, small business owners, local government leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders, workplace professionals, human resource managers, teachers, and students get what they want. I develop FIRE solutions: fast, inexpensive, relevant, and engaging.

When you work with me, we’ll focus on your goals, maximize learning experiences so you can execute your vital actions, leverage and electrify employee engagement, and encourage accountability.

I have designed and facilitated hundreds of learning experiences for my clients. These include Asian Development Bank, World Bank, World Vision, US Embassy in Manila, MECO, Presidential Management Staff, Department of Energy, Dell, Petron, Meralco, Chevron, Sunpower, Isuzu, Hyudai, and IMI.

I’ve trained thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.

To help Filipino organizations build people through simple, easy, and effective talent development strategies. To inspire innovation in leadership learning and development.

Organizations built by of best-in-class transformational leaders.

I help organizations design competency models. I do keynote speaking on leadership, customer service, and teamwork. I facilitate corporate retreats, including team building. And I design fast, inexpensive, result-driven, engaging (FIRE) learning experiences(LX).

01: About Jef Menguin

Learn more about me at the ABOUT page. For my current projects, go to NOW.

03: Learning Experiences

You can bring my seminars, workshops, and bootcamps to your organization. To learn more, go to seminars.