A bloated ego sabotages itself. It stops common sense and kills people.

I am not just talking about Donald J. Trump the 4th President of the United States of America. He is a very interesting guy. He thinks that he is a very stable genius.

We have no problems with geniuses. How we wished there were more geniuses in the government. Our problem is that those who claim themselves to be stable geniuses are neither stable nor geniuses.

And the bigger problem is that there are thousands of idiots who followed them. We may call them minions, but they won’t like that label. To their mind they are geniuses too.

In the Philippines, for example, we have seen neglect by those who called themselves to be the best and the brightest. Because if their response to the pandemic isn’t neglect, then they must be stupid.

Either they are negligent or stupid. You pick one and you’ll get what we have now.

After more than 100 days, the number of Covid-19 reported cases is growing. The best and the brightest came up with five kinds of quarantine, but not real solutions to the coronavirus.

I wonder why they are not bright enough to copy the best practices in other countries who won the fight against Covid-19.

Okay. What can we learn from the “stable geniuses” as leaders?

One, we cannot rely on our past experiences. Fixers of government transactions cannot be appointed to office to fix every government problems. That won’t do. You don’t appoint incompetent people to lead those who are competent.

In the past, they govern through paid propaganda. They intimidated and imprisoned their enemies. You cannot do that to a virus. You simply can’t. You don’t need a genius to tell you that.

Second, good leaders don’t appoint a minion to an important job. A minion only follows, they don’t think.

Appointing your personal assistants and lieutenants to important jobs isn’t good. You don’t say that you trust them. Trust isn’t enough. They must be competent.

You can trust a competent person who walks the talk and consistently works for the good of the nation.

Appointing retired generals instead of epidemiologists to fight Covid-19 is not best nor the brightest solution. Would you ask a carpenter to extract your teeth?

(It puzzles me why the president keeps on telling us that he appointed retired generals because they only follow orders. I wonder if they (the generals) were not insulted. I know that our generals, except for some, are intelligent soldiers.)

I am writing about this today so we won’t forget.

Let us not bloat our egos. Our past experiences cannot predict our future. We’ve got to surround ourselves with people who are competent.

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