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The posts below are descriptions of the upcoming seminars Jef Menguin organised or invited to speak and facilitate.

Team Building Seminars in the Philippines


Are you looking for team building seminars, workshops, or professional facilitators? Visit the following pages and find the information that you need. Team Building Seminars for Teachers. If you are a teacher or anyone who belongs to an academic institution, look at this offer of a free seminar for school teachers in the Philippines. Team […]

Sales Training is NOT for Everyone

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“Sales is training for everyone.” Many sales trainers in the Philippines believe and preach. This is very encouraging. This can move people into thinking that training can make them sell. But no, sales training is not for everyone. Ten years ago, I attended a sales training for real estate agents. The sales trainers spoke highly […]

Stress Celebration

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Are you looking for stress management seminars? I can tell you that some of them are useful. Others are waste of time and money. Why? You will learn things which are good to know, but you will seldom find the answer to your questions. You do not manage stress. The degree of stress from person […]

Tiny action: Explore the benefits of DO YOUR BEST - DON'T WORRY - BE HAPPY stress management seminars to your organization.

Customer Service Seminars for Front Desk Officers

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Her title is Director for First Impression and she is the receptionist of the church. One of our consultants shared this story. He told me that because of that title, he cannot forget the place. They are the faces which create the first impression of your organization when customers visit you. They represent your professionalism, […]

Death of Time Management

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Most time management seminars are time wasters. No thanks to trainers who spend hours talking about theories and techniques that will never be applied. No thanks to canned programs that teach people how to do more instead of living better. Managers typically invite me to deliver eight-hour workshops on time management as if we can […]

Team Building Workshops in the Philippines

Seven small businesses in the Philippines who will book me betweenFebruary 8 andFebruary 28, 2013 for a team building workshop facilitation will get an additional soft skills program facilitation for half the price.They can choose one from the following programs: 1. Stress Management Seminars for Busy Professionals 2. Time Management Seminars for Supervisors 3. Public […]

Public Speaking Workshops for Filipino Pastors

Some pastors are passionate about their vocation, but are not effective speakers. They speak for hours but do not provide a map or a destination. They make poor attempts not to be boring instead of looking into how their speech deliver engaging and their speeches empowering. Like you, pastors can also devote some hours every […]

Public Speaking training for principals of Philippine public schools

This is my humble offer to principals of public schools: a two-day public speaking workshop. The Leadership Presence will train them to establish presence and connect authentically with their audiences. Tell your school superintendents or regional directors the benefit of Leadership Presence Workshops. This offer is good until April 5, 2013. We can start the […]