personal mastery

These posts are short stories and simple suggestions on developing personal mastery. Personal mastery is self-leadership and self-leadership is the foundation of all kinds of leadership. Apply these valuable ideas and share with others.

Choose Your Attitude

Look around you. Listen to the conversations of people. Analyze what they say online. There are those who cry out against our society. Everything is bad about Filipinos. They think Filipinos are stupid people who voted corrupt leaders into office. They claimed that their bosses do not know how to lead. They think their co-workers […]

Why Financially Educated School Teachers Are Better Teachers?

teachers show the door

Unfortunately, most teachers don’t get paid well. So, some school teachers find ways. To their co-teachers, they sell almost anything: mlm products, insurance products, health products with no therapeutic claims. Many of them do these during work hours. Some teachers also look for opportunities to earn more from their students. Some teachers require students to […]