Why These Personal Mastery Ideas Improve Life -- And How to Use Them

Personal mastery is a discipline of continually and holistically improving your life. It is personal development with feelings and purpose, and it works.

Most of us are controlled by our habits, good or bad. And many personal development experts suggest that to get rid of bad habits we must create good habits to replace them.

However, a person with discipline leads himself. His force comes from within, not from without.

Jef Menguin

Here’s why I use pre-performance routine — and why you must too!

I found out that I perform best when I follow my pre-performance routine. I have more energy and I feel more ready to accomplish my objectives everyday. Therefore, I resolve that I Will Give My Best Everyday And I Will Begin My Day and Everyday Activity With My Pre-performance Routine Dear friends and readers, I […]

To People Who Want to Blog — But Can’t Get Started

Get your pen and paper. Think of a person you know… of someone you care about. That person will be your audience for your initial blog posts. Don’t worry about what platform to use. You can install one in five minutes. You just need to start something today. Write ten, twenty, thirty, or hundred things […]

Why You Keep What You Hate

she knew it was destroying her

She said that she hates the color of the curtains in her room. She is never comfortable with that curtain, so she does not stay in her room — except when she needs to sleep. But the curtain stays there – two years after I met her. “I’ll replace it as soon as I found […]

Why Financially Educated School Teachers Are Better Teachers?

teachers show the door

Unfortunately, most teachers don’t get paid well. So, some school teachers find ways. To their co-teachers, they sell almost anything: mlm products, insurance products, health products with no therapeutic claims. Many of them do these during work hours. Some teachers also look for opportunities to earn more from their students. Some teachers require students to […]

Write Your Book Before You Are Written Off


I know you will not become useless. At the very most, in the eyes of God you will always be special. But you know what I mean. Today is the best time to write your book because you still have the energy and power to write. Today is the best time to write your book […]


To inspire someone takes initiative. To equip people takes initiative. To become an excellent speaker takes initiative. To write a life-changing book takes initiative. To create a community takes initiative. To challenge the status quo takes initiative. To be honest about your limitations take initiative. To learn to listen to others, though they do not […]

Move the World

Move the World

They call you an entrepreneur, corporate trainer, team facilitator, and an inspirational speaker. Your title depends on the kind of problem you are solving. You believe in people. You help them become better leaders to become world class… in world class organizations. World class organizations make a positive difference in the world. Archimedes said that […]

The Second Most Important Time Management Step You Can Make

Candy Crush Saga is a Waste of Time

Accentuate the important, eliminate the unnecessary. You cannot manage time, but you can choose how you invest your time. Everyday leaders understand that since they cannot do everything, they do not have to aim to do everything. They must only do things that matter. How do you know which among the many things that you […]

Guest speakers must know when to stop

public speaking philippines

Filipino speakers must understand this: even if you start late, you have to finish on time, or even earlier. You are not paid to speak for two hours. You are invited to make a difference. When the speaker who spoke before you over extended the discussion of his topic because of poor time management, find […]

The Small Secret of Effective Public Speakers

Preparation. Effective public speaking requires preparation. Impromptu speeches are products of your stores knowledge- what you have read, what you have seen, what you have heard,—in short, what you actually know, furnishes the available material for your use. Impromptu speaking is not really “unprepared speech” for your material is life and your preparation has been […]

How to deliver compelling impromptu speeches?

Because you want to deliver compelling impromptu speeches, I am sharing with you these ideas. Remember this: when people ask you questions, they are not after your speed. Impromptu speaking is not a quick-draw competition. Think of your compelling message. When asked to comment on something, assigned to give a talk,  or requested to teach others, you […]

Seven Quicks Steps to Self-Leadership

You can become a better leader everyday. The following are seven steps you can start doing now. 1. Be a lifelong learner. You’ll never know everything there is to know about your job. Make a point to learn something new everyday. It is said that one has to invest 10,000 hours to his craft to […]