Your People Must Stop Competing Againsts Each Other, They Must Compete Against Standards

Human beings like to win. Winning involves competition. But be very careful. Many team building exercises are designed to make members compete against each other.

In Positive Team Building, you make team members work together and compete against a goal. Members find themselves collaborating and cooperating against a challenge.

Isn’t that what you really want in your organization?

You want them to have a sense of accomplishment while helping each other. You want them to realize that they can produce more — and even ahead of time — through cooperation.

Your team building exercises are not meant to make people angry with each other. Members do not have to accuse others of cheating. During your team building activities, highlight the purpose of your team.

When you play games, make your goal statements positive and clear. Use goal statements that suggest collaboration and cooperation. This practice has produced better teams. This can also do wonders for your team.

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