Are you ready to join a nationwide network of volunteers to provide quality education to Filipino teachers?

Education. Sharing. Free. Three words that best describe my next project. Provide free ongoing education to Filipino teachers nationwide using a platform easily accessible to everyone wherever they are in the country. I am looking for members of the core group. Anyone of the following may contact me: 1. School principals 2. School teachers 3. […]

How to Energize and Make More Relevant those High School Retreats in the Philippines

Twenty years ago, I thought that many high school recollection and retreats teach students to feel bad about themselves. They are placed in an environment where they are reminded again and again about the sins they have committed and why they must change their ways soon. Life is too short to be pasaway. Nothing has […]

Internship: Marketing Associates

simple marketing

You can learn how to market products and services in a real world set-up. Starfisher Asia and two of my partner companies have agreed to help interns learn how to market by marketing. We created a unique program that may give you certifications from any or all of the three companies. I design the program […]

New Content in April 2013

Everyday leaders must equip themselves in training people. To walk the talk, they must learn how to demonstrate the walk and how to do the talk. This month, you will read new series of posts in Everyday Leadership with Jef Menguin (that’s the blog!). You will read my ideas on training yourself and others. I […]

Marketing Executives

If you like the challenge of creating and keeping customers for a lifetime, you may explore the opportunity to help us. You can bring our public and corporate seminars to organizations in the Philippines. You will get the chance to help inspire and develop leaders in the organization by understanding clients’ needs and together with […]

Humility and Greatness in Speaking

Humility in speaking

Far worse than fearing that you are doing poorly is a self-promotion that you are doing well. The first sign of greatness is when a man does not attempt to look and act great. The same thing can be said of speaking. Someone who thinks himself as faking great speaking is a fake speaker. Before […]

Whom would you choose as a commencement speaker?

Choosing a commencement speaker is not an easy task, especially when politicians invite themselves to the occasion to gain political mileage. But there must be better commencement speakers out there who can honor and inspire the graduates of Philippine schools and universities. If you were to recommend a commencement speaker, whom would you choose and […]

Leadership Workshops in the Philippines: Presence

Leadership Presence: A workshop to help leaders develop character, connection, and compassion Leaders must connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others in order for them to achieve desired outcome. This is leadership presence. You are a leader because of who you are. You do not have to get the title “leader” to enjoy […]