Aim for personal mastery.

Read simple answers to most common questions about personal mastery, personal development, and personal excellence. These terms are often times interchangeable and they are too in this website. You will get practical tips and tools that can help you pursue personal mastery.

Jef Menguin

Give excellent service!

Because you want your people to give excellent service, you must give them excellent service. Business owners are quick to accept that every manager and supervisor must model excellence. That way they’ll get the respect of their subordinates. Managers and supervisors are expected to perform at their best for all people all the time. Modelling […]

What did you win?

What did you win? Jef Menguin tells you that you can keep on winning everyday. You only need to define your own contests, rules, and prizes. Read this and join the conversations.

Always be the first-rate version of yourself…

instead of being a second-rate version of someone else. Imitating someone will take a lot of effort, time, and emotional investment. The person is constantly moving and changing and hiding. Look around. A lot of people are wasting their valuable time in false hopes that they could be someone else — when that someone else […]