Seminars and Speeches

Call 09274292986.

That’s the fastest way to book me for a professional speaking engagement. Expect that I will ask for information to facilitate efficient conversation and initial trust building.

Tell me your name, your organization, and what you offer to customers. Be clear about your objectives and expected results since I do not want you to waste your time.

Who are the members of the audience, how many are they, what do they expect to hear, and what you honestly believe can delight them?

I prefer that you call between 8am and after 3pm. I will certainly answer you when I am available.


That’s the faster way.

I speak on various themes. If a theme is closer to what you want me to tailor-fit for you organization, include that in your email. To help you remember, seven of these teams are the following

DO IT NOW – Leading with a Sense of Urgency

GROW UP – Personal Development for Kick-Ass Professionals

MALASAKIT – How to Create A Culture of Empathy, Accountability, and Responsibility

KAPIT-BISIG – How to Build Solid Relationship to Drive Team Performance

SPEAK TO MILLIONS – How to Make an Impact through Authentic Speaking

SELL TO MILLIONS – How Get More Customers, Sell Them More and Often

MULTIPLY YOUR MARKET – How to Create Your Ultimate Marketing Machine

In your email, provide me all the information I need. Tell me your story. And I will keep your story confidential.

For the last ten years, I have spoken to all kinds of folks – from more than 100 industries and hundreds of organizations. To all of them, I tailor-fit my programs because that’s the fastest way to provide value to them.


Secure a date in my calendar. As soon as your invitation is accepted, schedule a meeting with me for an executive brief. I need to listen to your executives.


Jef Menguin