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Champion Salesmen Spread Enthusiasm

A changemaker is a salesman. I will tell you why.

To make his customers enthusiastic about his product, a salesman must be 101% enthusiastic about his product.

When he is presenting before his customer, he must forget about everything else. He must forget his always-angry sales manager. He must forget about that customer who did not show up early this morning. He must forget about his basketball game tomorrow.

A good salesman focus on the customer and enthusiastic about the benefits and value his product can give to his customers.

You may find this difficult at first. And this will still be difficult the second, third, fourth, and tenth time around. But you really have to be convinced that you, the changemaker, and your vision and mission is the best for the people you lead.

Your job as a change maker is to spread your enthusiasm to others.

Think about this and then change the world.

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